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Driver’s son becomes a star, blows wickets like Bumrah, surprises with bouncers and yorkers, watch video

Manmohan Seju/Barmer. Everyone is surprised to see Abbas’ talent of bowling and taking middle wickets on the Dhor pitch. At the age of just 12, Abbas, who is studying in 9th class, is a resident of Richholi village of Balotra. The video of Abbas bowling went so viral on social media that he became a star overnight.

It is said that ‘talent is not dependent on resources’, Abbas Rajad, a resident of Richoli village of border Balotra district, has done something similar. These days, a video of Abbas is going viral on social media in which he is seen blowing wickets with his fast bowling. The 20-second video of Abbas’s bowling has been viewed by millions of people on social media within a few hours. People are sharing this video extensively. Seeing his interest in cricket and his excellent performance, people are seen praising Abbas. This video has been shared on many leaders, YouTubers and social media accounts.

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father is a driver
According to Abbas Rajad, along with studies, he practices bowling for 2 hours daily with his friends. However, there is neither any stadium nor any cricket pitch in the village. In such a situation, Abbas practices for 2 hours daily on the sandy ground near his farm. He says that he wants to become a big player like Jasprit Bumrah. He tells that his father is a driver, so he neither has any cricket kit nor an expensive bat. In such a situation, despite not having any resources, Abbas is creating a stir today.

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