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Delhi University Admission 2024: Will admission be easy or tough this year? Dean said, look at the numbers.

Delhi University Admission News in Hindi: After the CBSE 12th class results, Delhi University is now preparing for admission. DU will open its registration portal in the last week of May. DU officials believe that this time too the race for admission will be similar to last year. If we look at the ratio of students and scorers, the number of scorers has increased only slightly. Experts say that the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) has reduced fighting by 99%-100%. For this reason, there seems to be a decrease in the number of scorers.

Competition in DU Admission 2024

Compared to the results of 2023, the number of students scoring 95% and above marks in 2024 has increased by 1,446. However, this is an increase of only 0.12%. At the same time, there are 3,307 students with 90% and above scores. This is an increase of 0.36% in terms of the ratio of students to scorers. DU officials say that this is almost the same situation as last year. In such a situation, the competition for admission will remain the same as last year.

CBSE 12th Result 2024: Top scorers are decreasing

Year Those who scored 95% or more Those who scored 90% or more
2022 33,432 (2.33%) 1,34,797 (9.39%)
2021 70,004 (5.37%) 1,50,152 (11.51%)
2020 38,686 (3.24%) 15,793 (13.24%)
2019 17,069 94,299
2018 12,737 72,599
2017 10,091 63,247

Schools believe that apart from CUET, the reason for low scorers is also the learning gap after Covid.

DU Seats: Even those with low marks are getting seats in the board

Dean of Admissions, Delhi University, Prof. Haneet Gandhi says, if we look at the earlier rounds of CUET, the number of scorers has decreased. This time the number of students is more and the scorers are also more. The situation is almost the same as before, so the race for DU will be like last year. However, we have definitely seen in two years that the competition for CBSE marks has reduced a lot. The tension of the board has reduced.

The trend is also visible that those who are doing well in CBSE exam are also performing well in CUET. Because the syllabus of both is based on NCERT books. However, earlier those who got 98%-100% were going to top colleges. Now those with 85% to 95% are also getting seats.

If students are moving away from the numbers race while preparing for this while balancing their school studies, then it is a good trend. After the arrival of National Education Policy, the number race is decreasing.

Despite CUET, seat is decided by board number!

Sudha Acharya, executive member of the National Progressive School Conference, a private association of senior secondary schools across the country, says that the fight over Class 12 marks is reducing is a good trend. But this should not happen for CUET either. Especially the trend of coaching which promotes dummy schools is not good. We have also seen that children who studied well for Boards also scored well in CUET. Also, in CUET, if many students have the same score, then there is a tiebreaker and the seat is decided on the basis of board marks.

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