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CISF became suspicious after seeing this action, such an thing came out of the bag, everyone’s eyes remained wide open

CISF: A car stops outside Terminal Three of Indira Gandhi International Airport at around 1 pm. A foreign man comes out of this car and starts taking out big bags from the car one by one and placing them in the baggage trolley. At the same time, as soon as a CISF Intelligence profiler standing at a distance looks at this foreign young man, he gets worried.

Actually, there were two reasons why the CISF Intelligence Profiler was worried, firstly, one person was carrying not one or two, but six big bags and secondly, this foreign person was able to carry these big bags so easily. He was picking it up and keeping it in the trolley, as if there was nothing inside it. Due to both these reasons, the CISF profiler started following this foreign person.

This is how CISF’s suspicion got strengthened
According to a senior CISF officer, after keeping all the bags in the trolley, this person passed through several entry gates of Terminal 3 one by one. After inspecting all the gates, this foreigner stood in the queue outside the entry gate which was most crowded. This action of this foreign person was not normal. Generally, passengers give priority to the gate where the number of passengers is least. Just here the suspicion of the CISF profiler turned into belief.

The process of search started after being taken into custody
A senior CISF official said that on the basis of suspicion, this foreign person was intercepted in the check-in area itself. After which, the search process started. All six bags were opened one by one. No one had expected what came out from inside these bags. In fact, all his six bags were filled with different types of medicines. When this foreign person was asked for documents regarding these medicines, this foreign person was unable to show any kind of documents.

This person revealed this during interrogation
According to a senior CISF official, during interrogation this person was identified as Joseph Amar Amartey. Joseph is originally a citizen of Ghana. He was about to leave for Dubai on Emirates Airline flight EK-517. He was about to leave for Accra (Ghana) from Dubai. The value of the medicines seized from its possession has been estimated to be around Rs 85 lakh. Meanwhile, CISF has handed over Ghanaian Joseph to Customs. At the same time, Customs is investigating further in this matter.

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