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Bihar’s cricket is ruined…where has Rs 25 crore gone? Aditya Verma made serious allegations against BCA

Shashwat Singh/Jhansi. Aditya Verma is an important name in the Indian cricket world. Aditya Verma, who was the secretary of Bihar Cricket Association, is known for opening a front against BCCI. It was on his PIL that the Supreme Court constituted the Lodha Committee. This committee is known for making important changes in IPL and BCCI. Aditya Verma had reached Jhansi for a personal work. Here, in a special conversation with Local 18, he expressed his views on the current situation of Bihar cricket.

Aditya Verma alleged that BCCI gave a grant of more than Rs 25 crore to improve cricket in Bihar. But all this money disappeared. He also alleged that Bihar Cricket Association has now become a den of factionalism. Here are the highlights of the conversation with Aditya Verma…

Question: How do BCCI and Bihar see the current situation of cricket?

answer:Cricket is in my blood. Due to my efforts, 10 new states got a place in the first category of BCCI. I consider myself the Anna Hazare of cricket. But, the dream that I had for Bihar cricket has not been fulfilled yet. I myself argued in the Supreme Court. After this, many other states including Bihar got permission to play.

Question: You struggled so much for Bihar cricket… but when you got the chance, your performance was very poor. What is the reason?

answer: The biggest reason for this is the lack of infrastructure in Bihar cricket. We had gone back a lot in the last 20 years. To improve this infrastructure, BCCI gave a grant of more than Rs 25 crore to Bihar Cricket Association. This money also went missing without any account. When I launched a campaign against this corruption, my son was booked under serious sections. Bihar Cricket Association has now become a den of factionalism. Every order of the Supreme Court is being disregarded

Question: After separation of Bihar and Jharkhand, cricket developed in Jharkhand but why was Bihar left behind?

answer: The biggest reason for this is that the recognition of Bihar cricket was snatched away. I fought for many states but could not get justice for Bihar. Amitabh Chaudhary established cricket in Jharkhand with hard work. After 18 years, when Bihar got a chance to showcase its cricket skills, corruption became prevalent there. Patna High Court is expected to take control of the board and improve its functioning.

Question: How do you see the role of BCCI?

answer: BCCI also has a role in whatever is going wrong in Bihar cricket. Many people associated with Bihar cricket have informed BCCI about the activities happening here through e-mail. But, BCCI’s silence is causing a lot of harm.

Question: A film was going to be made on your life. What happened with him?

answer: Prakash Jha was the first to approach me for the film. After this, several meetings were held and work on the script of the film started. Hopefully something will be seen by the end of this year.

Question: How do you see the future of Bihar cricket?

answer: I want to appeal to the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, to come forward to save cricket in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Taking the population of both the states together, there are only 2 Ranji teams. There should be at least seven teams based on population. This will give a great boost to the cricket of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

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