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Arrived at the wedding wearing jeans shirt, wife got angry, CSK star cricketer’s love story is interesting

New Delhi. Chennai Super Kings’ star player Ajinkya Rahane is performing well in the IPL. Ajinkya Rahane’s personal life is also very interesting. He married his girlfriend Radhika in 2014. He fell in love with his sister’s friend and later both of them got married. But Rahane had to feel embarrassed about the material for the wedding.

In an interview given recently, he told that due to being busy, I did not have time for shopping. I thought that maybe the girl would give me the clothes. But it was not so and I reached the wedding wearing jeans and t-shirt. Due to this, wife Radhika became very angry with him.

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Ajinkya Rahane told that when he arrived wearing jeans, the girl’s family members were staring at him. When wife Radhika Dhopavkar also looked angrily, she realized her mistake. Rahane considers this as one of the biggest mistakes of life. It is known that Rahane and Radhika lived in the same society. Both Rahane’s sister and Radhika were college friends.

Regarding Ajinkya Rahane’s clothes at the wedding, Radhika told that he had come to the wedding wearing a yellow T-shirt and jeans. Because of this I was very angry, but I controlled myself. More than 1500 people participated in the program. It is known that both of them got married in 2014 after dating for many years. Both have 2 children. Rahane has scored 199 runs in 10 matches for CSK this season.

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