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Aligarh’s clock tower is very special, even earthquake cannot affect it, know its specialty

Wasim Ahmed/Aligarh: Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh is known for locksmithing and training. Many historical heritages are still present in this city. Aligarh Clock Tower is also included in these historical heritage, which used to be the first modern building of the city. It was constructed during the British rule in 1894 during the tenure of Collector JN Harrison. This clock tower was also selected very thoughtfully. It is located in a place where time has great value. Most of the government offices are around it. This clock tower was developed after independence in 1947.

clock tower of aligarh
Historian Professor MK Pundir of the History Department of Aligarh Muslim University told that during the British rule, an Englishman named Harrison came here as a collector. He built this clock tower. Its foundation was laid in 1892, which was completed in 1894. This clock tower is not just a clock tower, but is an excellent example of the best architecture of that era in North India.

How much did it cost to build the clock tower of Aligarh?
This is the first building of Aligarh during the British rule. The clock tower is a five-storey building. Only stone and bricks were used in the construction of this clock tower. During the British rule, the cost of building this clock tower was Rs 16,380. Only a clock worth Rs 5,000 was installed in it, which is installed on its fourth floor.

Why is it special?
Historian MK Pundir said that watches were very expensive at that time. The system was not as developed as it is today. People used to come from far and wide to see this clock tower. The most special thing about this historical clock tower is that its foundation has been established in the form of a lock. Whose length and width is approximately 15 meters. Because of which even earthquake cannot have any effect on it. It was built by Harrison and during the British rule it was known as Harrison Clock Tower.

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