Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Afghanistan: Amid health sector challenges, Turkish doctors reach Kabul for free pediatric care

At a time when Afghanistan is struggling with a poor economy and the healthcare system is in poor shape, Turkish doctors have arrived in Kabul to provide free pediatric care in the Taliban-ruled nation, Khaama Press reports.

The Taliban-led Public Health Ministry on Thursday said on social networking platform Ataturk Children’s Hospital free of charge.

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health also said that Turkish physicians instruct Afghan physicians in pediatric urology in addition to performing the procedures themselves.

This comes at a time when the international community is drawing attention to the difficulties faced by Afghanistan’s crumbling healthcare system.

The World Health Organization said in a preliminary report this year that 2024 will be a challenging year for Afghanistan’s health sector, Khaama Press reports.

Afghan citizens spend millions of dollars annually on travel abroad for treatment of various diseases. Moreover, at a time when most of the people living in the country are unable to afford basic amenities, it has become even more difficult to deal with medical expenses on a daily basis.

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