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5 different types of smell coming from AC, if not recognized then it will cause big loss

In summer, after facing the rising temperatures and scorching heat outside, we find the greatest solace at home. Especially when one gets cold air from AC in hot weather. But there is one thing that can spoil this comfort in a moment. That is, the strange smell emanating from the AC unit. The smell coming from the AC is a sign that there is something wrong with your AC.

The smell coming from the air conditioner is not only bad for the AC but it can also cause infection in your respiratory system. Not only this, sometimes this smell causes serious harm to health. There are different types of smells in AC. The cause of every smell is different. Which can be identified and rectified in time. So that along with AC, your health is also good. Therefore we are giving you complete information about it.

smell like dirty socks

If you smell something like dirty socks coming from the AC, it means that mold has accumulated in the condensate tray, drain nozzle and drain pipe. Due to humidity outside, mold can also form in an air filter filled with dust. Therefore, it is very important to clean the air filter and water drain. Fungus and mold can reduce the life of an indoor body evaporator.

rotten egg smell

The reason for smell like rotten eggs or sulfur coming from the AC is due to gas leakage in the air conditioner. Which can prove to be very dangerous because it can also cause fire. Therefore, as soon as you get the idea, first of all switch off the AC and call a technician to get it checked. Many times, the AC smells like insects that die in the AC.

smell like garbage

If the AC smells like garbage, it means that an animal has died inside the air conditioner unit. Which could be an insect, lizard, rat or even a small bird. This possibility is more in window AC. For this you need to clean the duct filter. Unless cleaning is done properly, use of air conditioner should be avoided.

smell like exhaust

If you smell like car smoke coming from the air conditioner, it means that there is refrigerant leakage or some other fluid is leaking in the AC. The reason for which could be a hole in the coil. Sometimes this smell also comes due to burning of fuel like gasoline. In such a situation, check the AC thoroughly and get it serviced if necessary.

burning smell

The smell coming from the AC is a sign that there is something wrong with your AC. Some burning odor may indicate a short circuit, frayed wire sparking, or motor overheating. Many times, after using the air conditioner for a long time, a burning smell starts coming. If it is not ended soon, it can prove dangerous. If there is excessive smell, turn off the AC immediately. Restart only after showing it to a technician.

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