Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Zelenskyy Wife: What did Ukrainian President Zelensky’s wife say to the ‘First Ladies’ of the world? Show attitude like husband!

Olena Zelenska Telegram Video: Olena keeps telling about the situation and decisions of the government on Instagram and Telegram. Discussions about Olenna in the war began when Zelensky himself stated that his family was second on the enemy’s hitlist.


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Suicide Machine: This Indian wants to go to Switzerland to die, makes people sleep with ‘great comfort’. Beautiful country

Burn: Last week, a woman had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court to stop a friend of hers going to Switzerland for ‘euthanasia due to illness’. On Thursday, the woman withdrew her...

PM Modi on Ukraine War: PM Modi’s remarks echoed in G-20 to UN… America wants to end Ukraine war with India

Washington: Russia Ukraine war is going on since last 10 months. Because of the global side effects, everyone wanted this war to end as soon as possible. America’s Biden administration says that India and...

Ancient Clothing Bear: What did humans wear 3 lakh years ago? The story of the world’s earliest clothing is related to the dangerous bear

Berlin : Archaeologists in Germany have uncovered some of the earliest evidence of the use of clothing. Newly discovered cut marks on the paws of cave-dwelling bears suggest the prehistoric animals were skinned for...