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YouTube becomes strict on Deepfake, now creators will have to provide information about AI content

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Now YouTube has also become strict on deepfake videos.

There have been tremendous changes in the field of technology in the last few years. After the advent of AI, while people’s work has become easier, many types of dangers have also arisen. In the last few days, deepfake videos and photos created through AI have given rise to a new debate. Now the Indian government also seems to be strict on deepfakes. Now YouTube has also taken a big step on deepfakes.

After the increasing threat of deepfakes and India’s strict stance, tech giant Google said that now content creators on YouTube will have to provide detailed information about the AI ​​used in it before posting. That is, if a content creator creates a video with the help of AI, he will have to tell how he has taken the help of AI.

Google has said that if someone creates a video with the support of AI and it is posted without any information, then YouTube can remove that video from the platform with its power. Google said in its blog post that creators will now be required to provide information about AI related content. People watching the video will know this from the label of the video player.

Let us tell you that in the last few days there has been a flood of deepfake videos and photos. In this, someone else’s video is being made viral on social media by putting someone else’s face on it. Now the central government has become strict regarding this. In view of its danger, a big step has been taken by the government. The government has also appointed a special officer to investigate the menace of deepfake videos.

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