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lump sum money

In the article ‘Only money in lump sum will save your old age’ published on the editorial page of Dainik Tribune, writer Kshama Sharma has warned in a way that if there is no money in lump sum then other resources will not stand the test of time. Therefore, only savings can provide security cover at the time of old age. It is important to remember the adage of saving little by little. Not only this, it should also be given a practical form in time. In times of trouble, the savings you make prove to be your truest well-wisher and friend. The author rightly said that in difficult times even those close to us turn away.
Vedpal Rathi, Rohtak

collective accountability

It is mentioned in the editorial ‘Fearless Barbarity’ that some people deliberately ignored the victim, which is true, but the police and some people also showed humanity, which is being appreciated. Citizens are angry and embarrassed by the incident of brutality. There is a need that there should be no politics over this unfortunate and heart-wrenching incident, it is necessary to think deeply about efforts to prevent its recurrence and for safety, because the fear of the law is becoming worse. Instead of making videos, people should be sensitive with humanity. Consider sheltering the victim and informing the police as a collective responsibility.
BL Sharma, Tarana, Ujjain

animalistic tendencies

The incident of inhuman torture of a girl in Ujjain saddened the heart. In Bihar also, a Dalit woman was subjected to inhuman torture. All these incidents are shameful. The central and state governments are committed to the upliftment of women but it does not seem easy to stop these brutal tendencies. The government needs to take concrete steps.
Virender Kumar Jatav, Delhi

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