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Monday, July 15th, 2024

You will not have to face the crowd to go to office, Delhi will get premium buses, travel in AC

Are you a Delhiite? If yes, then you must be using the bus to go from home to office every day and must have seen a huge crowd. Buses packed with people in the morning and evening not only spoil the mood of a person but also make them tired. So that people do not have to face this problem every day, premium buses are going to be launched in Delhi soon. Although the route and fare of the buses are yet to be decided, but the matter of relief is that people will get relief from travelling in crowded buses. Let us tell you that at least 50 buses will run on the road in the first phase.

Where will the buses go

Keep in mind that only those people will be able to board these buses who have already made bookings. People will not have to face crowds in these buses and neither will the buses stop at every stop. These premium buses will be run only between Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

These luxury facilities will be available in the bus

These luxury facilities will be available in the bus
  • Premium buses will have facilities like CCTV cameras, WiFi, announcement system.
  • The buses will be fully air conditioned and everyone will get a seat.
  • You will be able to book tickets through the app and payment will also have to be made online. Booking will automatically close when seats are full.
  • The bus will halt only at those places from where people have booked to board the bus.
  • You will be able to book seats as per your choice.
  • The bus fare is dynamic. That is, as the seats get booked, the fare will also increase.
  • After picking up the passengers, the bus will drop them at their destination.

What will be the benefit of premium bus

What will be the benefit of premium bus
  • Premium buses are eco friendly
  • These will not cause pollution.
  • Will help in reducing traffic.
  • Seats will be booked for everyone, so the crowd will not increase.
  • People will be motivated to use public transport.
  • People will be able to reduce the use of their personal vehicles.

will be informed in advance

will be informed in advance

Suppose the bus does not arrive after booking, then it is the responsibility of the bus operator to inform the people about it in advance. If this does not happen, then the bus operator will have to take the responsibility of taking the passenger to the destination.

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