Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

You spend more than 5 hours a day on your smartphone, 92 minutes are watched only on video: Report


  • People of India spend more than 5 hours on smartphones in a day
  • Ericsson released report on smartphone usage
  • 92 minutes watch video on smartphone

New Delhi. Have you ever paid attention to how many hours you use your smartphone in a day? If not, then this news is for you. Smartphone users in India spend at least 92 minutes a day watching videos on their smartphones and about 89 minutes a day browsing the Internet. That’s not what we’re saying, says Ericsson ConsumerLab’s new ‘The Future of Urban Reality’ report. According to the report, on an average Indian smartphone users spend at least three hours a day watching videos and browsing the internet.

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Not only this, Ericsson also claimed that 46 per cent of the people surveyed used the e-learning platform during the pandemic and the average time among all Indians using smartphones was 5 hours 24 minutes. Along with this, it has been told that due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, Indian Internet users have already started spending an average of 3.4 hours more online per day. At the same time, students and working people have already spent two to three hours more daily on remote studies and work. There has been a 10% increase in the usage level of new type of information communication technology-services.

The report said that the survey has revealed that 91 percent people are using the Android operating system while only 7 percent people use iOS. Users spent 19 percent of the time browsing and 10 percent of the time in voice calls. At the same time, people spent 25 percent of the time on film and video.

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Looking at the future of 5G in India, Ericsson says that four out of five smartphone users are interested in buying a 5G handset during 2021. Other findings of this report claimed that 36 percent of Indians believed that it was okay to monitor people’s information for security.


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