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You don’t have to take a flight to visit these 6 places near Delhi, you feel like traveling just by looking at them

Despite the severe cold in Delhi, everyone is looking for an opportunity to roam, as soon as the long weekend comes or a two-day holiday comes, people start planning to go somewhere, but there is a problem if they go. How to go, because more than half of the locations are accessible by flight. We want to save as much time as possible in the hard-won 3 to 4 days of vacation, now if you too are looking for a place where you can reach within a few hours or do not have to take a flight. So today we have brought some such places for you, which are very close to Delhi, where you will not need a flight to go.

Kausani, Uttarakhand – Kausani, Uttarakhand

Going to some places without any planning is a different experience. Instead of going through the hassle of planning, you can make up your mind to visit Kausani, a beautiful village in Uttarakhand, very close to Delhi and 2 hours ahead of Ranikhet. The rays of the sun falling on the peaks of Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchachuli and the changing colors every hour will surely make your day. Trekking through the blue deodar forests and the lush green surrounding the village is a sight to behold. You can visit Kausani Tea Estate to see the lush green tea leaves. With over 50 species of birds ranging from barbets and parakeets to robins, Kausani is a great place for bird watching.

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​Osiyan, Rajasthan


You can also visit this place for the architecture of the ancient temples of the desert state. The 8th century structures are also known as the stronghold of Jainism. The Sun Temple and the temple dedicated to Mahavira are famous here for their beauty and the Sachiya Mata Temple offers mesmerizing views of golden dunes and labyrinthine rural roads.
Distance from Delhi: 4 hours drive
Where to stay: Reggie’s Camel Camp for camel safaris, temple tours and desert walks, spacious tented accommodation is quite famous for the perfect desert experience.

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​Kasar Devi, Uttarakhand


From Dylan to Tagore, artists from all walks of life have come here to explore this hill station. One can go trekking up the famous pine-covered Hippy Hill (or Crank Ridge) to reach Kasar Devi Temple. One can wander through the forests surrounding the temple, meditate in the caves in the mountains or watch the sun set behind the Himalayas. There is also the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, home to leopards, red foxes and over 200 species of birds.

Distance from Delhi: 9 hour drive

Where to stay : Kumaon has hotels with nice rooms with great views.

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Nag Tibba, Uttarakhand – Nag Tibba, Uttarakhand

nag tibba uttarakhand

Nag Tibba is the highest peak of the Lower Himalayas in the Garhwal region near Mussoorie. The village which offers panoramic views of the surrounding majestic mountains is one of the perfect weekend getaways to enjoy camping.

Distance from Delhi: 8 hour drive

Where to stay: Goat Village, an eco-resort in Nag Tibba, is a great place to take in the ray-filled views.

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​Bundi, Rajasthan


Leaving the hustle and bustle of Jaipur and Udaipur, head to this splendid historical city of Rajasthan. The ancient city is filled with blue houses, colorful bazaars, picturesque stepwells and beautiful lakes. The city is best known for its forts and palaces.
Distance from Delhi: 8 hour drive

Where to stay: Bundi Vilas is a 300-year-old mansion built on a hill opposite the ramparts of the Town Palace.

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Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh – Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh


With lush green valleys, winding roads and lush green views, Tirthan Valley is without any doubt one of the most beautiful areas of Himachal Pradesh away from the crowd. The best time to visit is April, as the city is surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park, where you will see countless flowers in bloom.
Distance from Delhi: 10 hour drive

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