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You can transfer money even without internet, just follow this simple method

Photo: CANVA how to transfer money without internet

How to set up offline UPI Payments: In today’s time, every person has started using online payment apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, UPI and PayTm. People have started using online payment for every small and big work. But in some situations, due to network issue or the phone running out of charge, there is a problem in making online payments. In such a situation, the person becomes very much worried as to how to make the payments. If you too occasionally find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Today we have brought such a trick for you, by which you can transfer money even without internet. In this situation *99# mobile banking service can be helpful for you, it is a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based banking service. Let us know the complete information related to this service.

How does 99# service reduce?

This is one of the best banking services for all across the country. This service is offered by 4 telcos and 83 leading banks. The special thing about this service is that you can access it in Hindi and English right in 13 different languages ​​of the country.

With the help of this special service, you can send money without internet. Also, you can change the UPI PIN and know the balance of the account. This can be very special for those people who often have trouble making payments due to network issues.

Offline UPI Payments Settings?

1. If you want to make offline UPI payment, first dial *99# from your feature or smartphone.
2. To dial the number, use the same SIM number with which you have linked your bank account.
3. Then select your language and enter the bank name.
4. After this you will see the list of those bank accounts which you have linked with your number.
4. Now enter the expiry date and last 6 digits of the debit card.
6. When this setting is done successfully, you can make UPI payments even without internet connection.

How to send offline UPI payment?

1. To make online UPI payment offline, first dial *99# from your phone number and then enter 1 to transfer money.
2. During this, you will be given some options, select this option and then enter the UPI 3. ID / phone number or bank account number of the person to whose account you are sending the money. After this you enter your UPI PIN.
4. After entering the UPI PIN, your payment will be done successfully.
5. Keep in mind that through this special service, you can pay up to Rs 5,000 in a day.

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