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You can become a genius by finding 7 differences between two pictures, cross the challenge in 20 seconds and refresh your childhood memories

Solving picture puzzles has always been a fun game to play. Which remains very popular among the people even today. Earlier, where riddles had to be solved to tell the difference between photographs in newspapers and magazines, today these riddles and challenges have taken a modern form. And through the social media platform, a challenge is given to solve the confusion hidden in the pictures.

Two such pictures have been shared on Twitter, seeing which you will find them exactly the same, but there are seven differences within them. By finding which within a second, you can get the right to call yourself a genius. You can relive your childhood memories by solving this fun puzzle.

Find 7 differences in the same picture
The picture which has been given to you as a challenge and you have been given a target to solve it, is exactly the same in view of the picture. But there also exist 7 differences between them. Which you will not see easily. Rather, for that you have to use sharp eyes. And the horses of the mind will have to run.

Easy looking challenge confused the mind
It is not as simple as it looks in the picture. She will accept you only after tiring your mind. After which it is possible that you surrender yourself in the game. But those who have become adept in solving such picture challenges keep trying even after a little trouble. If you haven’t been able to find any difference till now, then you can see all the differences in the picture below. After which all your confusion will go away.

optical illusion challenge

Even after looking the same, 7 differences were found in the picture, everyone must have solved such a puzzle in childhood

These are the 7 differences hidden in the picture
Among the seven differences, one is visible in the front of the dress of the girl doing the painting, which is the square pocket on it, which is missing from the second picture. The color brush kept on the ground near the pot, the yellow book missing from the bookshelf on the left, and the switchboard below it. The color tube lying on the green color spread on the ground just below the canvas, the brush lying in the color container placed below on the left side. And the blue stain on the wall near the palm tree. These are the seven differences which you will now find yourself in the picture.

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