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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Women voters increased, but not MPs… What does the data say about the M factor of elections

New Delhi: This time, there was an increase in women voters, but the number of women in Parliament has decreased. The results of the 18th Lok Sabha elections that came on Tuesday clearly show that this time fewer women MPs will sit as compared to the previous Lok Sabha. Last time 78 percent women were elected to the Lok Sabha, whereas this time only 74 women have been elected to the Lok Sabha. It is important to mention Mamata Banerjee here because out of her 29 MPs, 11 women MPs have won. TMC is one of those parties which has topped the list of representation of women MPs earlier as well. Even in the year 2019, among the parties which had more than 10 percent Lok Sabha MPs, 42% of BJD and 39% of TMC MPs were women.

Which party has more women MPs

TMC gave tickets to MP Mahua Moitra, who was embroiled in controversy in ticket distribution, from Krishnanagar to Jadavpur to actress and first-time entrant in electoral politics Sayani Ghosh and June Malia from Medinipur. Apart from this, trust was also shown in Mala Roy, who is experienced in politics, which proved to be correct. However, from UP, which sent 11 women MPs last time, only eight women have been able to reach the lower house this time, out of which 5 are from Samajwadi Party. According to the data of the Election Commission, this time 30 women candidates of BJP have won. 11 women MPs of TMC, 14 of Congress, five of Samajwadi Party and three of DMK have reached the Parliament.

Muslim representation is also continuously decreasing

The election results show that this time 24 Muslim candidates have won, although this is slightly less than the figure of 26 last time. In the year 2014, this figure was 24. This time only 78 Muslim candidates were in the fray, whereas last time 115 Muslim candidates got tickets in the elections. If we look at the distribution of tickets this time, BSP has fielded the maximum number of 35 candidates. After this, Congress with 19 candidates and TMC with 19 candidates comes third. However, after the results came, taking a back foot on this strategy, it was said that the Muslim community could not understand BSP even after being given tickets in the right number, so from now on the party will give tickets after careful consideration.

How was the attitude of Muslim voters

As far as UP is concerned, this time all the 4 candidates fielded by the Samajwadi Party won, while none of the 20 candidates fielded by the BSP won. According to an analysis, after 2014, Hindu voters have consolidated due to Hindutva policies and this pattern continued. In 2019, more than 40 percent of Hindu voters voted for the BJP, while the secular vote of Muslim voters was divided in many places. However, this time this pattern changed and the results show that this time there was no division in the votes of the community.

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