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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Women Cricket League: Now the girls of Bihar will hit fours and sixes, when will the matches be held?

Patna. There is big news from Bihar. There is good news for the cricket lovers of the state. May 23 will be a historic day not only for Patna District Cricket but also for Bihar Cricket Association. The 52 years history of PDCA (Patna District Cricket Association) is going to change. Women Cricket League is going to be started here for the first time. Five teams will participate in the Women’s Cricket League. This is being considered as the first step in the development of women’s cricket. Patna District Cricket Steering Committee gave this information on May 21.

Patna District Cricket Association Steering Committee President Rajesh Kumar and member Rahbar Abedin said that this time a new initiative has been taken. For the first time after 52 years, Women’s Cricket League is being started by PDCA. The league will be organized on 23 May. Five teams will participate in the Women’s Cricket League. These teams include Abedin XI, Renu XI, CMS Cricket Club, Jyoti Cricket Club and Uma XI. The matches will be played at the Bihar Cricket Academy running at La Martiniere World School in Sampatchak, adjacent to the capital Patna. The match will start at 9 am. Chairman and member of PDCA Steering Committee said that the responsibility of the match has been handed over to the head coach of Bihar Cricket Academy, Ashutosh Kumar.

Along with Patna, Bihar cricket also benefits
Players of the club playing in the women’s league will be provided dresses and balls by the Patna District Cricket Association Steering Committee. The opening match will be played between Uma XI and Abedin XI. Along with this, voting rights will soon be provided to the five participating clubs. Patna District Cricket Association Steering Committee has said that this is a historic step to promote women cricketers in Bihar. Not only Patna but also Bihar cricket will benefit from this.

first published : May 21, 2024, 6:02 pm IST

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