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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

Will the 3 matches be cancelled? Bad news for Pakistan, India’s match will also get stuck!


India vs Canada match on Saturday Pakistan vs Ireland match on Sunday USA vs Ireland match on Friday

New Delhi. The league matches of T20 World Cup 2024 are now over in New York. The remaining matches will be held in Florida. Teams of Pakistan, USA, Canada and Ireland including India will play the remaining one match of their group in Lauderhill, Florida. However, the chances of cancellation of these matches have increased. It has been raining heavily in Florida for the last few days and flood-like conditions have been created in the city. There is a possibility of rain and storm here for the next three days. In such a situation, all three matches can be washed away by rain. The Indian team has to face Canada in Lauderhill on June 15 in its last league match. However, if this match is washed away by rain, then the Indian team will not suffer any loss. Team India has already booked its ticket to Super 8.

The host US team will face Ireland (USA vs IRE) in Florida on June 14. By winning this match, America will reach the Super 8. While Pakistan and Ireland (PAK vs IRE) will face each other on June 16 at the same venue. All three matches will be played at 8:00 pm according to Indian time.

T20 cricket is a ‘cat and mouse game’… a strange statement by a desperate captain, the team is on the verge of being eliminated from Super 8

he/she is better than Siraj… Team India should field Arshdeep along with Pandya in Super 8, why did Kumble say so

It’s raining heavily in Florida
Flood like conditions have arisen in Miami, Florida due to storm and rain. Difficulties are increasing here due to continuous rain. Many videos from Florida are going viral on social media in which roads are filled with water. Public life has become disrupted. The good thing for India and America is that both the teams are in a strong position in their group. Even if this match of America against Ireland is washed away by rain, it will still reach Super 8 with 5 points while Pakistan’s team will be out of the race of Super 8 without playing.

USA vs Ireland match will be cancelled due to storm!
There is a 100 percent chance of a storm in the match between America and Ireland. There is an 80 percent chance of a storm on the day of the match between India and Canada on June 15. There is also an 80 percent chance of a storm in the match between Pakistan and Ireland on June 16.

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