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Will not let Rahul Gandhi go without apologizing, Sambit Patra said he/she is Mirzafar

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Rahul Gandhi will not be allowed to go without apologizing

BJP on Rahul Gandhi: Rahul Gandhi had gone on his/her London trip in the past. During this, raising questions on India’s democracy, he/she had said that the press, judiciary etc. are all working under pressure and democracy in India is in danger. Rahul Gandhi is being criticized a lot by BJP leaders on this. BJP is demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi in this regard. Meanwhile, BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra organized a press conference. During this, he/she advised Rahul Gandhi to apologise. Also said that we will keep apologizing.

Won’t let go without apologizing…

Addressing the press, Sambit Patra further said that it is not right if Rahul Gandhi makes such demands in Britain and America while sitting in London. We believe that this is not the issue at all. Rather a conspiracy. That’s why BJP is asking Rahul Gandhi to apologise. Rahul Gandhi will have to apologize and we will continue to order it. It is not that Rahul Gandhi will leave without apologizing. Reminding of the Rafale case, Sambit Patra said that even during the Rafale case, Rahul Gandhi had to apologise. Today he/she will have to apologize on the floor of Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi is Mir Jafar?

Describing Rahul Gandhi as Mir Jafar, Sambit Patra has said that Mir Jafar will have to apologise. Rahul Gandhi is the Mir Jafar of today’s politics. What Rahul Gandhi has done in London, Mir Jafar did to become Nawab. It is all exactly the same. The prince wants to become the Nawab. Today’s Mir Jafar will have to apologise. Prince, this is not going to work. The prince wants to become the Nawab, so he/she is seeking help from foreign powers. he/she said that not as BJP but as the people of this country, we give this order to the prince who went to a foreign land and did the work of Mir Jafar, that he/she will have to apologise. Rahul Gandhi has insulted the country.

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