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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Will Agneepath Scheme be closed? On the attack of opposition, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told the future of Agniveer

New Delhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has given a befitting reply to the questions being continuously raised by the opposition parties regarding the Agneepath Scheme. he/she said, ‘I have full confidence that the Agneepath scheme is successful and will continue to be successful in future also. One of the reasons behind starting this scheme is to bring a large number of youth into the armed forces. In a special conversation with NDTV, Rajnath Singh said that the opposition should not do politics on the Agneepath scheme for the fire warriors. he/she rejected the opposition’s allegation that the Agneepath scheme is not useful. he/she emphasized the government’s stance that this four-year recruitment program will benefit a large section of the young, employable population.

Agneepath scheme is successful- Rajnath

Rajnath Singh told NDTV that I have full confidence that the Agneepath scheme is successful and will remain successful in future also. Under the Agneepath scheme, selected candidates are enrolled as Agniveer for four years. According to the government, on completion of the program Agniveer will return to the society as a disciplined, dynamic, motivated and skilled workforce and will get employment in other sectors to pursue a career in the job of their choice.

What is the big decision about Agniveer, army is conducting survey

What did Rajnath say about Agniveer?

Rajnath Singh further said, ‘The second aspect of this scheme is that we should try to discipline a section of the population as Agniveer. They will have the right skills to help on the front lines when needed. It is not a crime to prepare fire warriors to discipline them.

‘I want to assure the youth…’

On the opposition’s allegation that the Agneepath scheme will harm the future of those youth who are just entering the workforce. On this Rajnath Singh said that I want to assure the youth that we will not allow anyone to play with their future. Agniveer is eligible from the age of 18 and will remain eligible for four years. They will learn new skills, and at the end of four years they will have a few lakh rupees.

navbharat timesDuring the campaign in Delhi, the issue of ‘Agniveer’ came up again, Rahul said – will tear this scheme and throw it in the dustbin.

‘One should not do politics on Agniveer and Army’

Rajnath Singh said that if any of them wants to get a job, he/she can get it. If any of them wants to join paramilitary forces, he/she can go. If they want to go to service, of course they can go. We have also kept reservation for them. Not that anyone can ignore them. Private sector also wants to hire fire warriors. Our government will not allow anyone to play with the future of our young population. Along with this, Rajnath Singh also targeted the opposition parties. he/she said that the opposition has only one agenda – to confuse the citizens. They should not do politics on Agniveer and Army.

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