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Will Aamir Khan return from break and become Mr Perfectionist again? Understand the opinion of experts

Superstar Aamir Khan has recently announced to take a break from acting for one-and-a-half years, which has created a lot of buzz in the film circles. People are talking different things, but according to science and experts, there is no harm in taking breaks for some time instead of working reluctantly, in fact breaks are good. Why, learn:

Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist and actor Aamir Khan, who has given many record-holding films, is taking a break from acting. Aamir says that he gets engrossed only in doing films, so he could not give necessary time to his family in this career of 35 years. So now he wants to take a break from films for one-and-a-half years to spend time with his family and see life from a new perspective. There is a lot of stir in the industry regarding this decision of Aamir. Many people cannot even embrace the logic of spending time with his family. He believes that Aamir has taken this decision after being disappointed with the failure of his previous film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’. Those who think like this cannot even be called completely wrong. There was a time when every film of Aamir Khan was considered a guaranteed hit. He has given back to back superhit films like ‘Ghajini’, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘3 Idiots’, ‘PK’, ‘Dhoom 3’, ‘Dangal’. In such a situation, if his ambitious film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ with a budget of four years of hard work and a budget of 200 crores is rejected, then disappointment is bound to happen. By the way, whatever be the reason and people may talk different things about taking breaks, but if experts are to be believed, there is no harm in taking breaks from work, but in fact these breaks prove to be of great use. Huh.

there’s nothing wrong with taking a break
In our Indian society, after reaching a stage of job or business, we are rarely able to take the decision of going on a long vacation or break. This is because, on the one hand, there are many worries about the future in your own mind that will you be able to come back to that position? Will you fall behind? Economic challenges are different, friends and relatives also discourage them. In such a situation, many people are reluctantly engaged in the same work even if they do not want to. But Shah Rukh Khan, who took a break from acting before Aamir or before him, has more or less reached that point in his career where he does not need to think about all this. Shah Rukh, who took a break from acting after his films didn’t do well, especially after ‘Zero’ flopped, clearly stated that he was not enjoying the process of filmmaking, so he took a break of about one-and-a-half years. In Shahrukh’s words, ‘It is very important for me to feel most excited about what I am doing. I’ve been working for thirty years, I work 16 hours a day so if that work doesn’t excite you, you won’t wake up in the morning, especially at the stage I’m at. I’ve done 80 films, I’ve worked very hard, made a career out of my work, done some satisfying roles, so at this stage if I don’t get something amazing, amazing and exciting, I have no one to work for. Doesn’t make sense. Shah Rukh is now all set to entertain the audience in a new way after four years with films like ‘Danki’, ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan’.

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Anushka Sharma also took a break for this reason
Similarly, Anushka Sharma, who was Shahrukh’s co-star in the film Zero, has also not been seen on screen after that film. Although Anushka’s professional break also saw changes in her personal life like marriage, becoming a mother, but Anushka says that she too deliberately took this break to refresh herself as an actor. Anushka, who will be seen in Chakda Express after almost four years, says, ‘I feel I have reached a point where I don’t need to sign a film just because I want to do something or be in the limelight. Is. I really feel that creative people should take a break, which I took after ‘Zero’. I wanted to take some time to prepare myself in a new way, because before that my three years were very hectic and I was shooting films continuously. It is also true, if you do not have 100% mind in any work, then you will neither be able to give your best in it nor will you be able to achieve success. Therefore, there is no harm in taking a step back, taking time, and returning after thinking.

sometimes a break is necessary
Science and research also says that often a person does not feel focused while doing the same type of work, starts getting bored. The reason for this is that our mind is not made to be constantly focused on something. Our mind keeps thinking about many things related to life, so if we focus too much on one thing, it will not work for long. It is necessary to divert attention from that thing for some time. “Deactivating and reactivating your goals can help you stay focused,” explains Alejandro Leiras, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois. Research says that break makes you focused towards your task. Basically, our brain works in two modes. One is the focused mode, when you are engrossed in learning, working, writing, etc. and the other is the diffused mode, when you are relaxed or not thinking too seriously. Diffused mode is also very important for more productivity of the brain. That’s why, many times people solve many of their major problems while driving or taking a bath. According to the Harvard Business Review, the break also gives us an opportunity to take a step back and think whether we are in the right direction? They are doing what they want, because sometimes you forget this while working continuously. So, there should be no guilt or hesitation in taking a break. You can use the break to hone your professional skills, gain new life experiences, and improve your mental and emotional health. With this, you will be able to work by being more focused and creative.

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Earlier also many stars took break and then made a strong comeback
There are many such examples, who achieved new recognition and success by taking a break from their respective work. One such name is that of actress Twinkle Khanna, who followed the footsteps of her parents (Dimple and Rajesh Khanna) and adopted a career in acting but could not prove herself as a good actress. After taking a break from acting and living at home, Twinkle found a new identity with her writing skills and today she is a successful writer. Similarly, filmmaker Ronnie Screwvala, who played a key role in bringing cable TV to India, surprised everyone by selling his highly successful production company UTV in 2011. After being away from entertainment for almost five years, Ronnie is back in film production with his new company RSVP Movies and has been telling innovative stories with films like Uri, The Sky is Pink, Rashmi Rocket. If we talk about other than entertainment, then look at the example of celebrity lawyer Abha Singh. Abha Singh, who was a successful IAS, quit her civil service job and entered the new profession of advocacy and created a new identity for herself as the country’s most popular lawyer and activist.

creative people should take a break
I really feel that creative people should take a break, which I took after ‘Zero’. I wanted to take some time to prepare myself in a new way.
, Anushka Sharmaactress

No excitement, no fun
I took a break from acting for a year and a half because I was not enjoying the process of film making. If I don’t get something amazing and exciting at this stage, then there is no point in working. , Shahrukh KhanActor

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