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Wife does not want to cook food, come out to these Dhabas of Delhi which open till 12 o’clock

Sometimes the wife also does not feel like cooking at home, she also thinks that she should also get a day off or come out with her husband to eat something good. But after hearing the question like ‘Let’s go out to eat today’, the only thing that comes in the mind of the husband is that if you go, where should you go? In the end, after not understanding anything, one has to make something at home. If you also go through a similar situation all the time, then today we are going to tell you about those places in Delhi, where both of you can go for a one night dinner, that too very cheaply. In this way, both of you will also have an outing and you will get to eat good food outside. So let us then tell you about the small stalls of Delhi, which remain open even at 12 o’clock.

Rajma Chawal near Shivaji Stadium Rajma Chawal near Shivaji Stadium

There are many such places in Delhi, which make many tasty dishes here. You must have seen many types of dishes on Aaj Tak food books or YouTube, but you have hardly tasted such delicious food of street food. A similar place is near Shivji Stadium, where Rajma Chawal is very famous among the local people, not only this, people from Delhi NCR also keep coming here to eat. If you want to test the dish of a different place cheaply with your wife, then definitely go here once.

worth : 200 rupees for two

Where : Right next to the main bus stop in Connaught Place.

After Shradh, go out for wedding shopping, ‘Lakshmi Nagar’, this market of Delhi is no less than Chandni Chowk

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Parathas at AIIMS Metro Station


AIIMS has two reasons for running food overnight. The first is the nearby AIIMS Hospital, where people keep coming and going, so they go to the street food around AIIMS to eat. Not only this, people do not have enough money to stay in hotels, so they stay at AIIMS metro station only. This is the reason that due to the people who come here, the food goes on day and night. This food is not only tasty according to the people’s food but it is also very cheap.

worth : 80 rupees for two people

Where : AIIMS Metro Station, Gate No. 3

After Shradh, do Navratri shopping from these markets of Delhi, you get very cheap goods for girls

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Food vans in Noida Sector 58 – Food vans in Noida Sec 58


Noodles, Parathas, Maggi, South Indian, Pasta, Sandwiches and don’t know what options are available here. All kinds of dishes will be available to fill the stomach in the menu of MCD Food Van in Sector 58 of Noida. There are many multinational companies in and around this place, where people keep coming here for food and drink.

worth : 120 rupees for two

Where : around sector 58 in noida

These dhabas and restaurants in Delhi run overnight, those living in ‘PG’ and ‘Hostel’ can come here even at night.

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Convergys Dhaba, DLF Cyber ​​City – Convergys Dhaba, DLF Cyber ​​City


Due to being a multinational company around, this dhaba also runs a lot. There are many call centers around the dhaba, whose shifts take place even at night, in such a situation, the employees working here are more dependent on this dhaba. If you also want to eat outside, then you can go here. Mukesh Dhaba (popularly known as Convergys Dhaba) is a famous outlet that serves delicious food to people throughout the night.

worth : 150 rupees for two

Where : Near Convergys Building.

First copy of ‘Zara’ ‘H&M’ is available in these markets of Delhi, on Sundays, do shopping by filling bags for Rs 500

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Kebabs in Old Delhi – Kebabs in Old Delhi


If you haven’t eaten Kebabs from Old Delhi, then you probably missed out on Tasty Cheese by now. Yes, the people here like the kebabs so much that they pack them even for their homes. Enjoy kebabs with roomali rotis in 150 rupees, where else would you get such a combination.

worth : 150 rupees for two

Where : Just 100 meters ahead of Karim in the same street opposite Jama Masjid.

This market of Delhi is famous as ‘Chhota Sarojini Nagar’, everything is available in just 100 rupees

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Paratha-lassi under Moolchand Metro Station


There are only two people across Delhi who can happily make you enjoy lassi and paranthas at 2 pm, one is your mother and the other is the people sitting in the middle of Moolchand metro station having delicious parathas. Even if you are not a Punjabi, you will still love these two combinations. If you do not feel like making wife’s food at home, then it does not matter, both of you can plan to go here. A glass of fresh lassi will cost you Rs 35.

worth : 140 rupees for two people

Where : Just below Moolchand metro station.

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