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Why was the Taj Mahal, a symbol of love for Britain’s Princess Diana, said to be wretched? Know the full story

London: It will be 25 years since the death of Princess Diana on 31st August and on this occasion people are remembering her in every corner of the world. Princess Diana was given the title Princess of Wales. Princess was definitely written in front of her name, but her life was not less than pain. Some documentaries and series have been made on personal life in which a glimpse of his life has been seen. She was married to Prince Charles at the age of just 21 and said goodbye to this world when she was only 36 years old. In February 1992, Diana visited India with her husband Charles. She also visited the Taj Mahal here. The building which is said to be a symbol of love in the world, was declared as wretched for Diana. British media wrote that the building devoured Diana’s wedding.

Diana’s Risky Decision
The month of February is called the month of love and the whole world celebrates love this month with Valentine’s Day. But that month of February in 1992 brought the worst time for Lady Diana’s relationship. Journalists who closely observe the life of the royal family and Queen Elizabeth, believe that the visit to the Taj Mahal was the dark day in Lady Diana’s life that ended everything. Royal photographer Anwar Hussain said in an interview to People’s Magazine, ‘Diana knew what it would mean if she went to the Taj Mahal alone and clicked the photo.’ It was only after leaving India that Prince Charles and Diana announced their separation.

Charles broke his promise
Anwar Hussain said, ‘Historically, the Taj Mahal is considered a symbol of the love of a husband.’ Anwar had clicked a photo of Prince Charles at the Taj Mahal when he was about to be engaged to Lady Diana. Charles even told him that he would definitely come here with his girlfriend and future wife one day. Charles did not come but his wife Diana reached the Taj Mahal and that too alone.

Many journalists still believe that if Diana had not come to the Taj Mahal, then perhaps their relationship would have survived. In the pink winter, Prince Charles visited India with his wife Lady Diana. Before coming here, there had been a rift in their relationship which was impossible to fill. However, by that time many people were just terming the matter of tension in their relationship as just a rumour. ‘Princess Diana under the Mercedes seat, I ran but…’, even after 25 years, the French doctor remembers that wretched night
rumor proved to be true
According to a section of the British media covering Diana’s visit to the Taj Mahal, the rumors of a bad relationship turned out to be true after reaching Agra. 30-year-old Diana clicked a beautiful photograph in a red coat and skirt on the famous bench of the then Taj Mahal. According to many people, seeing that photo at first sight, it seems that it is a very cute and never forgotten photograph. But if we look at it closely, it is understandable how sad she was and this picture was going to tell her loneliness. The bench on which Diana got the photograph clicked sitting alone is still known as ‘Diana Bench’.

diana-taj (1)

Diana came to Agra without Charles
Earlier both Prince Charles and Lady Diana were to come to Agra but in the end only Diana came to Agra. While Lady Diana was visiting the Taj Mahal, her husband Prince Charles was in Delhi. When Professor Mukund Rawat, who briefed Lady Diana about the Taj Mahal, asked her about Prince Charles, she replied, ‘It would be great if we both could see it together but Charles is in Delhi’. Although Diana considered visiting the Taj alone as a very relaxing moment for herself, in the words of the Daily Mirror’s Royal Editor James Whitaker, ‘Lady Diana and Prince Charles had separated a few months after this photo appeared. The day Diana went to the Taj Mahal was indeed a wretched day.

Diana alone on the bench
Lady Diana at first posed a lot in front of the photographers and got the photo clicked but after two minutes she turned off the cameras and asked the photographers to leave. After this she sat alone on the same bench silently for about five minutes. That bench of the Taj Mahal is still known as the Princess Diana bench. 10 months after this photo appeared, Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced their decision to separate.
Princess Diana’s life could have been saved if … even after 25 years, Britain’s biggest secret remains intact
The official visit of Princess Diana and Prince Charles to India took place in February when people in London were engulfed in Valentine’s Day celebrations. In such a situation, everyone’s eyes were on their favorite couple and everyone was thinking that when both of them return from India, then maybe everything will be fine between them. The British media captioned the photo of Lady Diana clicked at the Taj Mahal, ‘An alone lady at the Taj’. With this photograph it was clear that all is not well between the two people. Prince Charles was very close at the time with his friend and current wife Camilla. Their relationship became a headache for Lady Diana.

At that time the people of Britain began to believe that Prince Charles had chosen the wrong girl for himself. At the time when Diana came to the Taj Mahal, she was neither divorced nor separated from Prince Charles. But this tour proved to be the last nail in the relationship. According to an expert in the royal family, Diana wanted to bring her pain to the world by clicking a photo alone at the Taj Mahal. She wanted to tell everyone how much pain is in her life.

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