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Why is there a red stripe on the leaves of medicines?, read here

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Often when people fall ill, instead of going to the doctor, they go straight to the chemist and buy the medicine for that disease without thinking.

Sometimes medicine helps in curing the disease but sometimes it also has serious consequences.

If you have noticed, you probably know that there is a red strip on the medicine packet.

But do you know what it means?

People often buy medicines from shops without doctor’s advice and later regret their decision.

Therefore, it is very important to be careful while purchasing medicine.

Red color on the medicine packet means that the medicine can neither be sold nor used without a doctor’s advice and prescription.

To prevent misuse of antibiotics, manufacturers put a red stripe on the packets.

Apart from the red strip, there are many other useful things written on the packet which are equally important.

Rx is written on some medicines, which means that the medicine should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

Some drug packets have NRx written on them, which means that only doctors licensed to prescribe those drugs can prescribe them.

XRx is also written on some medicines and this means that the medicine can be taken only by a doctor.

The doctor can give this medicine directly to the patient.

The patient cannot buy it from any drugstore, even if he has a prescription written by a doctor.

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Dr. Piyush Trivedi Ayurveda Medical Incharge Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Jaipur.

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