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Why is Shri Sammed Shikhar ji special for the Jain community, for which such a big fight is raging

Shri Sammed Shikhar Ji is one of the most sacred and most revered pilgrimage centers of Jainism. Shri Sammed Shikhar Ji is the pilgrimage where 20 of the 24 Tirthankaras of Jainism attained salvation. As you know, Mr. Sammed Shikhar ji is in a lot of discussion these days and the reason for this is the government’s decision to make this place a tourist destination. The Jain community is also protesting a lot on this. But, do you know what is the specialty of Mr. Sammed Shikhar ji, due to which the people of Jain society have responded to the protest. Let us tell you about Shri Sammed Shikhar ji very well.
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How to reach Shri Sammed peak –

The beautiful place is situated in the Madhubani hills of Jharkhand state, where you can reach very easily. The nearest railway station to Shri Sammed is at Isri, popularly known as Parasnath station. Many trains to Kolkata also pass through this station, the station is about 23 km away in Madhubani district, where Shri Sammed Shikhar is located. If you want to go by road, then trains or buses also run from Parasnath station, from where you can easily reach. To go by flight, you will have the nearest airport of Ranchi, Patna and Kolkata.

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Sri Sammed Peak Place to stay –

Adequate arrangements have been made for the stay of the devotees at Shri Sammed Shikhar Ji. There are also many Dharamshalas to stay here, where you can make arrangements for your stay. There are many famous dharamshalas like Terah Panti, Bees Panti Kothi and Gunaytan where you can stay. Apart from this, there are many Digambar and Svetambara Dharamshalas, where many travelers stay for a few days and see this place in peace. Here you will also find One BHK flats easily.

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How many kilometers is Parvat Vandana?

The total distance of Shri Sammed Shikhar Ji’s mountain journey is 27 km, in which there is 9 km ascent, 9 km descent and 9 km mountain worship. If you want to climb the mountain then it is between 2 am to 4 am. People can easily climb here even at night. It will take you 12 hours to do the entire journey of the mountain. By the way, you will not find any means of staying here, so people start worshiping the mountain here at night, so that they can come down by morning or afternoon.

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All these things come along the way.

If you reach the mountain early, you can enjoy the sunset. You will definitely like the morning sun on the mountain above the clouds. On the way you will find many people who offer lemon water, you will probably need it more during the climb. By the way, you will also find tea-biscuit shops for fatigue, which will remove all your tiredness. Just keep in mind, take things with you when packing, such as a small torch, socks, etc.

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Best time to visit Shri Sammed Shikhar Ji –

Winter is the best time to visit Shri Sammed Shikhar Ji, as during this time you can climb comfortably. In summer, the condition of people gets worse in the hot sun. Climbing is a bit difficult during the rainy season, as the path becomes slippery. Take out 3 to 4 days for the visit of Shri Sammed Shikhar ji, so that you can also visit nearby temples comfortably.

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