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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Why is NTA afraid? It is not sending NEET question paper for scrutiny, EOU is waiting

NTA NEET UG 2024 Latest News Today in Hindi: Well A big thing is coming to light in the case. It is being told that the National Testing Agency is not fully cooperating in the investigation of NEET paper leak. The team investigating the NEET Paper Leak case had asked for NEET question papers from NTA. But the National Testing Agency has not yet sent a copy of the NEET UG 2024 question paper. The Investigating Team (EOU) says that we have sent reminders three times.

This whole scene raises many questions. Is NTA afraid of the paper leak investigation? Why is the National Testing Agency not sending the NEET paper to EOU despite repeated reminders? If there is no problem, then why is it taking so much time to send a question paper?

EOU is investigating the burnt NEET paper

In fact, after the NEET UG exam 2024 on May 5, when there was a ruckus about the paper leak and the investigation began, the Bihar Police found some burnt papers at the house of an accused there. But it could not be ascertained whether that paper was the NEET 2024 Question Paper or not? Now it will be known through forensic investigation. But for that, the original and intact question paper of NEET is needed.

For this, the EOU i.e. Economic Offenses Unit is asking for the original question paper of NEET from NTA. But the investigation is stuck due to non-availability of the original copy.

NEET Scam: Exam mafia caught in Bihar, Gujarat

So far, the police have arrested several people in Bihar and Gujarat. They are being questioned. The Economic Offenses Unit of Bihar Police has also recovered 6 post-dated cheques. EOU Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Manavjit Singh Dhillon said that these cheques are in the name of those exam mafias. Allegedly, they had taken a cheque of Rs 30 lakh each from each candidate in exchange for giving the NEET paper. The names of the account holders and other details are being investigated.

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