Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

‘Why friendship with Hindu boys?’ pattern of misbehavior with muslim women in every city


Image Source: INDIA TV
muslim boys misbehaved with muslim woman

Meerut: Muslim boys misbehaved with a Muslim girl in Bhagat Singh market of Meerut, UP. It is alleged that the video of the misbehavior was recorded earlier. Seeing this video started going viral on social media. Let us tell you that a similar picture was seen not only in Meerut but also in Muzaffarnagar in UP. Here also the veil of a Muslim girl was removed. The boy with whom the Muslim girl was accompanying was also manhandled. Here also the same pattern was adopted. First the video was recorded and then it was made viral on social media. It is alleged that even here the people who misbehaved with the Muslim girl were also Muslims.

Apart from this, the UP Moradabad Same picture, same pattern was shown in me too. It is alleged that Muslim boys only misbehaved with the Muslim girl, recorded the video and then forwarded it from one mobile to another. After this the video started going viral on social media.

In the video, the accused are saying-

give your father’s number
call brother
call brother
what is your name
tell your name
tell your name
make video
make video of it
call the police later
oh where did the religion come from
You are a Muslim without religion
you are muslim
what kind of muslim
don’t you want to go to the grave

Watch video-

Misbehavior with Muslim girls in viral video
Not only in UP but also in Maharashtra Aurangabad In fact, a Muslim girl was surrounded and manhandled, her phone was also snatched. It is alleged that the boys who created havoc here were Muslims only. Same was the Patron here too. The question is who are these people? What happened in Meerut on 13th May? Why did the crowd gathered in the market misbehave with two Muslim girls and why did the video go viral on social media? So tell you what is the story ahead of it…

Hindu boy-Muslim girl, the story lies ahead!
The video of Meerut is said to be of May 13, which is going viral on social media. It is being told that two Muslim girls were shopping with their Hindu friend in Bhagat Singh market of Kotwali police station area of ​​Meerut. She was roaming in the market. Both the girls were in burqa. The accused first chased all three in the market. Did his/her Reiki. During this the video was also being made. When the people following came to know that the young man roaming with both the Muslim girls was a Hindu, they were stopped. The crowd surrounded all three from all sides.

First interrogated the girl, after that the Hindu boy was harassed. Both the Muslim girls kept saying that the boy was their friend, but the mob was not ready to accept the misbehaviour. She was also forcibly taking off the hijabs of the girls. The act of the mob can be seen in the video which is going viral on social media. The misbehaving boys were constantly asking the young man his/her name. The boy was also continuously telling that they are all together. Everyone is friends, but the crowd was not liking the Hindu boy hanging out with Muslim girls.

Police in action after video went viral, many arrested
It is being told that two Muslim girls and a Hindu youth work together in a factory. All three went to the market to buy gifts for their friend’s birthday. As soon as the Muslim girl called out the name of her Hindu friend in the market, these fanatics pounced on all three. The name of the father of both the Muslim girls was asked, their video was made and while pulling the hijab of other girls, it was said that you will make Hindus friends. The fundamentalists were so upset about a Hindu youth hanging out with Muslim girls that a Hindu boy was also beaten up. When the video went viral, the police registered a case against 8 people. Police has also arrested 7 accused.


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