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Why do you get sweet sleep only after eating food?


Feeling sleepy after eating: The problem that comes most with the people working in the offices is that after they have eaten food, they start feeling sleepy. It seems as if the body gets fresh if it gets 10 minutes of sleep. Food is necessary for the development of the body. This gives energy to the body and we are able to work well throughout the day. Know why sleep comes after eating food and what could be the reason for it?

Nutritionist expert and scientist Dr. Claire Short says that when we eat food, our intestines and the whole body start working to digest the food. Low blood sugar level can be one of the reasons for sleepiness after eating food. When a person eats high sugar food, the sugar in the blood suddenly increases and then decreases rapidly. Because of this, the person feels tired and then sleep starts coming.

Sleep also comes due to hormones

It is not necessary to sleep just because of low blood sugar level. Sometimes the hormones of the body also play an important role in sleepiness. Actually, after eating food, sometimes serotonin starts forming rapidly, due to which the person feels sleepy.

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what kind of food do you sleep after eating

Dr. Schott says that consuming foods rich in an amino acid called tryptophan can make a person sleepy. This is because it is involved in the production of serotonin. Tryptophan is found in many protein-rich foods like cheese, eggs, etc.

What to do for not sleeping after eating

Include high fiber food in the food so that you do not feel sleepy after eating. Due to this, the blood sugar level is maintained and lethargy is not felt. Also eat light food and avoid overeating. If you eat more food then it overloads the digestive system and then lethargy starts.

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