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Why did BJP become rich, where did Congress suffer loss, understand the multiplication of Madhya Pradesh results.

Bhopal : The results of Madhya Pradesh elections dashed the hopes of Congress. BJP defeated Congress in all areas of MP. BJP’s power booster found in Mahakaushal, Malwa Nimar and Gwalior Chambal. Congress lost 38 seats in these areas. Overall, Congress had to lose 48 seats as compared to the last elections.

See how BJP-Congress performed in the divisions

Bundelkhand46 (+8)10 (- 6)0
Mahakaushal26 (+12)17 (-11)0
Malwa-Nimar47 (+19)18 (-17)1
Gwalior-Chambal18 (+11)16 (-10)0
central india26 (+4)5 (-4)0

Congress got a shock, Jyotiraditya must be missing

The biggest blow to Congress was in Mahakaushal, Malwa Nimar and Gwalior Chambal divisions. Congress lost 42 seats in these three regions. Apart from this, BJP won 8 new seats in Bundelkhand. Also captured four new assembly constituencies in Central India. BJP captured 46 out of 56 seats in Bundelkhand. Out of 43 seats of Mahakaushal, 26 also came in its account. Malwa won 47 out of 65 seats in Nimar. In this area, BJP captured 19 new seats as compared to 2018. Jyotiraditya Scindia’s hard work bore fruit in Gwalior Chambal division. BJP won in 11 new assembly constituencies. The party won a total of 18 seats in this area. In the last elections, Congress had got 26 seats from this area. Even in Central India, BJP strengthened its fort and did not allow Congress to make a dent. BJP snatched 4 seats from Congress in Central India.

Understand Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections from data

Congress appeared to be in front of BJP’s strike rate.

BJP won 163 seats in the 2023 elections. In this election, the magic of PM Narendra Modi’s guarantee and Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Ladli Brahmin scheme was prevalent. BJP’s strike rate was 79.9 percent, which was only 47.4 percent in the last elections. The strike rate can be estimated from the fact that BJP’s vote percentage increased by seven percent. In the last election, BJP’s vote share was 41 percent. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 58.5 percent votes. Then BJP had captured 28 Lok Sabha seats of Madhya Pradesh. Congress’s vote share was 34.3 percent and it did not get a single seat. In the 2023 elections, the strike rate of Congress fell from 49.8 percent to 28.7 percent. The impact of strike rate on Congress was clearly visible in Gwalior Chambal division and Malwa Nimar region. Congress had to lose 10 seats in this region. Congress lost 17 seats in Malwa Nimar and 11 seats in Mahakaushal.

MP Election 2023: Modi’s magic, Shah’s planning and Chauhan’s beloved sister… BJP won with the unbreakable alliance of all three.
Mama’s emotional appeal and Modi’s guarantee weigh heavily on Rahul-Priyanka
In Madhya Pradesh elections, the central leaders of Congress gave their full strength, but the disappointment of the workers on the ground spoiled the game of the party. State leaders maintained distance from the rallies. During the capping, the party workers continued to feel neglected in front of the outsourced workers. In contrast, Shivraj Singh Chouhan held 165 rallies in 37 days. He created a new record by campaigning vigorously in 16 districts in one day. Held more than 50 meetings among women. In response to this, Kamal Nath could hold only 114 public meetings. Other BJP leaders held about 450 public meetings. On the other hand, Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, who are leading the elections from the Congress side, held 8 rallies each in 15 days. Priyanka Gandhi held 9 rallies, Rahul Gandhi held 13 and Mallikarjun Kharge held 9 rallies. Apart from this, Congress did not include any other leader in the campaign as a star campaigner, whose personality was charismatic. Even the leaders of India Alliance were not included in their election campaign.

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