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Who will get the big shock on these 10 assembly seats? Know why BJP-Congress are worried

Bhopal: Whose government will be formed in Madhya Pradesh? Both BJP and Congress parties are claiming that they are coming to power. On Friday, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, after having darshan of Maa Sharda in Maihar, claimed that BJP will emerge as the largest party. He said that women voters have overwhelmingly voted in favor of BJP in the 2023 assembly elections. Actually, BJP-Congress have focused on women voters in this assembly elections. We are telling you about 10 such assembly seats where women have voted less as compared to 2018. It will be known on December 3 whether BJP-Congress will suffer losses on these seats.

To attract women voters, BJP had started Ladli Behna Yojana. Under this scheme, every eligible woman is getting Rs 1250. Initially eligible women used to get Rs 1000, which has been increased to Rs 1250. At the same time, Congress has also made a big promise for resources to women voters. Congress said that if Congress government is formed in the state, women will be given Rs 1500 every month.

Voting decreased on which assembly seats?
There are 230 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh. Out of 230 assembly seats, there are 48 assembly seats where there has been a decline in the voting of women voters. Lack of women voters may create problems for BJP-Congress.

assembly seatVoting took place in 2023How much voting took place in 2018
Bhopal Central59.5461.82
on the mind75.4977.71
slowing down75.7976.6

Both parties focus on women voters
Let us tell you that in the 2019 assembly elections, BJP-Congress have made a lot of promises to woo women voters. Regarding this time’s assembly elections, it is being said that the party towards which women voters have turned can form the government in the state.

MP Chunav 2023 ‘Scindia got me the post’ claims Congress candidate

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