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Who is the secret wife of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, revealed

The secret of his wife, who is often seen with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has been revealed. According to a CNN report, Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Joo comes from an elite family in North Korea. Ri Sol Joo was a well-known cheerleader before marrying dictator Kim Jong Un. Ri Sol Ju was part of the cheerleader team at the 2005 Asian Athletics Championships in South Korea.

Not only this, when Ri Sol was about 20 years old, she was a part of North Korea’s Olympic cheerleader team. According to reports, Ri Sol is currently around 30 years old and has three children. She has also been a singer. This revelation has come at a time when dictator Kim Jong Un celebrated the completion of 10 years of his reign and 38th birthday. She also went to China to study crafts.

North Korean dictator’s wife Cheerleader by profession

Trying to erase the old history of Ri
Ri Sol was part of the popular Unhasu Orchesta which sings traditional Korean songs. It is rumored that Ri Sol was singing a song at an event when dictator Kim Jong Un caught sight of her. According to the report of The Sun, after marrying Ri Sol, Kim Jong Un has tried to erase the old history of his music. The CDs of his songs have been confiscated.

It is believed that Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol is a resident of Chongjin area. Chongjin is part of the North Hamgyong province of North Korea. According to the report of The Daily Star, Ri Sol’s mother is a doctor and father is a professor. Kim Jong Un was married to Ri Sol in 2009 after the death of the dictator’s father, but for the first time she officially appeared as the First Lady of North Korea in 2012.

Ri’s single’s official trips are also negligible
During this, Ri Sol’s western style dress caught the attention of the world. Her look soon became a fashion icon for North Korean girls. Kim Jong Un’s wife was missing for a year, sparking speculation. After not being seen in public for so many days, speculation had started that Kim Jong had made him disappear. However this turned out to be a rumour. Sol Ju is not allowed to go anywhere on her own. Even his official trips alone are negligible. She is always seen with husband Kim Jong Un.

kim jong un wife ri

Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol is from an elite family


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