Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Who is the mysterious woman seen with Putin on New Year’s in military dress?

Vladimir Putin Girlfriend: A woman is often seen with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A separate debate has started in Russia about this mysterious woman. On the occasion of New Year, President Putin has not even congratulated the leaders of many big countries. This woman has also been seen in military uniform during the address of Vladimir Putin on New Year. In such a situation, everyone wants to know who is this woman after all.?

Appears in different roles
The woman, identified as Larisa Sergukhina, is often seen in different roles with Putin. Some say that she is a staunch supporter of Putin, while some say that there is a relationship between Putin and her.

On January 1, when President Putin addressed the country on the occasion of New Year, during this time 2 million Russian soldiers were seen standing behind him. During his speech, Putin showed aggressive attitude towards many western countries. During this, this woman was also seen in military dress along with Putin.

Actually, Putin and this woman were first seen in an episode aired on Russia Today TV. After this, in early March 2018, at a concert in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, Larissa took a selfie with President Putin. Putin kissed her forehead during this. The news of both went viral since then.

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what did putin say
President Putin said, this year has been important for difficult, necessary decisions and for achieving Russia’s full sovereignty and moving towards a powerful integration of society.

what the locals have to say
According to media reports, this woman is a member of the Duma commission. Many users also believe that this woman is specially called for some shooting. Some people also say that the people standing behind Putin in military dress are only paid actors.

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