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Who is Alka Bhatia? Who married 15 years older businessman at the age of 40, has a special relationship with Twinkle Khanna

Alka Bhatia is the name of Bollywood, who likes to stay away from Lime Light. Alka Bhatia, who has enjoyed the life of a housewife, made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Fugly’. he/she started working behind the scenes. She produced this film and now also runs her own production house. Alka has a very special relationship with Twinkle Khanna as well as a famous actor, about whom hardly anyone knows.

Alka Bhatia has a very special bond with Twinkle Khanna. She has been in lime light for her marriage. At the age of 40, he/she decided to get married and chose a man 15 years older as his/her life partner. But his/her brother Rajiv Bhatia i.e. Akshay Kumar was not at all happy with his/her decision.

There is excellent bonding between sister-in-law
Now you must have understood that who is Alka Bhatia? And what is his/her relation with Twinkle Khanna. Yes… Alka is the sister of Akshay Kumar. There is a lot of love between both the sister-in-law and sister-in-law, there is excellent bonding between the two.

marriage against family
Very few people know about Alka. An anecdote related to Akshay’s sister Alka is quite famous. Actually, Alka had married against the consent of her family and Akshay. At the age of 40, she decided to marry that too with a man 15 years older than her. he/she talked to the family for marriage, for which Akshay was not at all ready. But they say that husband and wife are not ready, then what will the Qazi do?

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Such is Alka’s love story
The first meeting of the two was through a common friend, after which the series of meetings between the two continued. After this, slowly both of them started loving each other and then their relationship turned into marriage.

Who is Akshay’s son-in-law
In the year 2012, Alka married a famous personality of Mumbai on 23 December. The name of that person is Surendra Hiranandani Surendra. he/she is the co-founder and managing director of the Hiranandani Group, a leading real estate firm in Maharashtra and the country. This was Surendra’s second marriage. he/she was first married to a woman named Preeti, from whom he/she got divorced in 2011. Surendra has 3 children from his/her first wife Preeti, Neha Nandani, Komal Nandani and Harsh Nandani, who live with their mother.

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