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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Who decided to change the place of statues in the Parliament premises? Om Birla told the whole story

New Delhi: In the controversy related to relocating the statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in the Parliament premises, outgoing Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said on Sunday that ‘no statue has been removed’. Birla said that the statues of all the great men have been ‘relocated’ and it has been decided to install all of them at one place at ‘Prerna Sthal’ in the premises itself. Birla said that he/she took this decision after ‘discussing and deliberating with many people’ and ‘neither the government has anything to do with it nor did it interfere.’

Inauguration of Prerna Sthal in Parliament House Complex

On Sunday, Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar inaugurated Prerna Sthal in the Parliament House complex, where statues of 15 great men and freedom fighters have been installed. On this occasion, many MPs including Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju were present. The statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar were earlier at a place in the Parliament complex where the opposition used to gather to protest against the government. Congress on Sunday claimed that the government took the decision to relocate the statues ‘unilaterally’.

Prerna Sthal built in the Parliament premises is no less than a pilgrimage site for every Indian, said Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar

Last meeting in December 2018

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said in a post on X that according to the Lok Sabha website, the last meeting of the parliamentary committee on portraits and statues was held on 18 December 2018 and it was not reconstituted in the 17th Lok Sabha. he/she wrote that Mahatma Gandhi’s statue has been removed not once but twice.

Statues of 15 great men and freedom fighters

Birla said, ‘Statues of 15 great men and freedom fighters were installed at different places in the Lok Sabha premises, due to which they could not be maintained properly and visitors could not know where the statue of which great man was. Statues have been shifted from time to time. During the construction of the new Parliament building, the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Motilal Nehru and Chaudhary Devi Lal were respectfully shifted to another place in the premises.’

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Lok Sabha speaker’s decision

Birla said, ‘We have discussed this with many people from time to time. The idea came that all the statues should be at one place, which should be named Prerna Sthal, so that people coming to the Parliament complex can pay tribute to the great men at one place and get information about their life philosophy. Such a decision related to the Parliament complex is taken by the Lok Sabha Speaker. The government does not interfere in this.’

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Open all year round

Birla said that Prerna Sthal situated between the old Parliament House and the Parliament Library Building will remain open for visitors throughout the year and programs will be held there in honour of great men. he/she said that the life stories of great men will also be made available near these statues through new technology. People will be able to take inspiration from the life stories available through QR codes.

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