Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Whistle does not come in Pressure Cooker and food gets burnt, so solve this problem sitting at home in a jiffy

Sometimes due to fault in the pressure cooker, the food does not get cooked properly. At the same time, due to lack of whistle, the food gets burnt. Explain that this happens due to lack of pressure in the cooker. If you are also troubled by this problem, then with the help of these measures, you can fix the cooker.

Nowadays pressure cooker is an essential part of our kitchen. Because it is used almost every day. With the help of a pressure cooker, food is made easily and time is also saved. But this happens only if there is no fault in the pressure cooker. It is very important to have the right pressure in the cooker for cooking. The whistling of the cooker is also a proof of this.

People take care of the whistle of the pressure cooker for cooking. But when the whistle does not ring in the cooker, sometimes the food gets burnt. If you also have such a problem with your pressure cooker. So today we are going to tell you a simple solution for this. With the help of which you can fix this fault of the cooker.

pressure cooker eraser

You all must have seen that the lid of the pressure cooker is covered with rubber. The rubber on the lid of the cooker prevents the steam generated inside from escaping. Due to which pressure builds up in the cooker and then the whistle comes. In such a situation, if the rubber on the lid of the cooker becomes loose, then the whistle does not come and the food gets burnt. That’s why before buying a new rubber, do pay attention to it once that the rubber is not loose or damaged.

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shit in the whistle

Sometimes the whistle of the cooker gets dirty due to food particles and steam. Also, dirt gets accumulated in it. At the same time, whistle does not come even when the load is high and the pressure is high. Because of which you do not get the idea of ​​cooking. In such a situation, you should also check the whistle of the cooker that there is no dirt in it. You can solve this problem by cleaning the whistle.

excess baggage

Many times people put more food in the cooker than the capacity of the cooker while cooking. Due to which whistle does not come many times. Because the pressure of the cooker is not able to build up due to excess food and the food either gets burnt or remains undercooked.

large amount of water

Many times, while cooking, we keep excess water in the cooker. In such a situation, when the quantity of water in the cooker is more, then the whistle of the cooker does not ring. That’s why always add sufficient amount of water while cooking.

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