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Which party benefits from bumper voting in the state? Figures from 2003 to 2018 can scare Congress

Bhopal: Voting has ended for 230 seats of Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. Voting took place in a single phase in the state. This time, tremendous enthusiasm has been seen among the voters regarding voting. More than 71 percent voting took place in the state till 5 pm. If we look at the election data from 2003 to 2018, there has been a change of power in the state only once. The time there was a change of power, there was more than 75 percent voting in the state.

This time there is a close contest between BJP and Congress in Madhya Pradesh. There is a triangular contest on many assembly seats. Both the parties have claimed victory but there is a fear of defeat due to rebels and candidates from other parties. Let us know how much voting took place in the state from 2003 to 2018 and whose government was formed.

What was the percentage of voting in 2018?
More than 75 percent voting took place in Madhya Pradesh in 2018. There was 75.2 percent voting in the 2018 assembly elections. After which there was a change of power in the state. However, no party got absolute majority. Congress got maximum 114 seats and BJP 109 seats. At the same time, if we talk about vote share, in 2018 BJP got more votes than Congress.

What was the percentage of voting in 2013?
In the 2013 assembly elections, 70.8 percent voting took place in 230 assembly seats of the state. In this election, BJP won 165 seats and Congress won only 57 seats.

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How much voting in 2008
There was 69 percent voting in the 2008 assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. Even after voting was less than 70 percent, BJP had retained its government. BJP won 143 seats and Congress won 71 seats.

How much voting took place in 2003?
The 2003 elections in Madhya Pradesh were considered very important. Elections were held for the first time in the state after the separation of Chhattisgarh from Madhya Pradesh. In 2003, there was Congress government in Madhya Pradesh. BJP had contested the elections under the leadership of Uma Bharti. In 2003, there was 67 percent voting in the state. Then BJP had won 173 seats and Congress had won only 38 seats.
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More than 75 percent voting indicates change
If we talk about the last five elections in Madhya Pradesh, only in 2018 there was more than 75 percent voting. In 2018, no party got absolute majority but Congress government was formed in the state. If we look at the figures, it becomes clear that more than 75 percent voting indicates a change in the state.

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