Monday, February 6th, 2023

When will interest come into the account of PF account holders? EPFO gave information by tweeting

EPF Interest Rate: A part of the salary of every working person is deposited in the PF account. The money deposited in the Employees Provident Fund Organization helps in providing social security to every salaried person. Although there are crores of account holders of EPFO, but there are 7 crore such account holders (PF Account Holder) who deposit regular money in their account. In such a situation, this year’s interest has to come in his account. For a long time, EPFO ​​account holders are waiting for deposit of interest money in their account. Due to non-payment of interest, many EPFO ​​subscribers are complaining through Twitter.

A user asked a question to EPFO

A Twitter user tagged the Finance Ministry, EPFO ​​and PMO and asked the question that EPFO ​​has not yet transferred the interest for the financial year 2021-22 to the accounts. Expressing anger, the user wrote that stop the ute and give the money to the people for their rights. The user said that December has come, but the interest money has not yet reached the people’s account. If you cannot pay the interest money, then return the money to the people. After this anger of the user, EPFO ​​has given information on this matter by tweeting.

EPFO gave this answer

Responding to the user’s question on this matter, EPFO ​​said, ‘Dear member, the process of depositing interest is going on and it will appear in your account soon. Interest will be paid in full as and when it is credited. There will be no loss of interest.

Why is there a delay in getting the interest money?

Let us tell you that from this financial year, the government will transfer money to the accounts of 7 crore PF account holders at an interest rate of 8.1 percent. In such a situation, this answer of EPFO ​​is a news of relief for the account holders. Before the beginning of the new year, people will get the gift of interest. The biggest reason for transfer of interest money in the account is that it has to go through many stages before sending the money. Along with this, the approval to transfer interest is received from the Ministry of Finance. Even after this, after raising funds, money is transferred to the accounts.

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