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When the woman refused to hug Shahrukh Khan on KBC, the actor gave this answer

Shah Rukh Khan Throwback Video: Shahrukh Khan is a veteran actor of Hindi cinema. his/her acting, charming personality, especially his/her dimples are enough to make fans crazy. Shahrukh is not called King Khan for no reason, he/she has a strong fan following all over the world, who are eager to meet him/her and get a glimpse of him/her. However, once a woman flatly refused to hug him/her, King Khan felt very embarrassed.

Shah Rukh Khan won a lot of love on the big screen with his/her acting and romance. Apart from films, he/she has also hosted many TV shows, one of which is ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. In the absence of Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan took over as the host of KBC season 3. In an episode of that season, a female professor came as a contestant, whose statement shocked Shahrukh.

The woman refused to hug SRK

A clip of KBC season 3 is going viral on social media. In the video shared by Shahrukh’s fan page, Shahrukh Khan also took solid revenge for refusing to hug the woman. It can be seen in the video that the woman tells Shahrukh, “I have no interest in hugging you in this show.” While the audience was shocked to hear this from the woman, Shahrukh Khan felt embarrassed.

Shahrukh Khan gave a solid reply

Shahrukh Khan is anyway known for his/her solid reply. he/she also gave such a reply to the woman, after which the fans became his/her admirers. When Shahrukh Khan had to give the check to the contestant after winning the prize money, he/she said to the woman, “I will request you, you are very strict, you stay here, aap agar bura na mane to ye main ye check aapki.” Give it to my mother, because she will definitely hug me. After this, Shah Rukh Khan gave the check to the mother of the contestant and hugged her and sought her blessings. This video is very much liked by the fans.

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