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When Tejashwi Prakash was molested in teenage, the actress said- ‘I was alone on the road…’

Tejasswi Prakash On Eve Teasing: Tejaswi Prakash is the most popular actress of TV. From her acting to her beauty, Tejashwi remains in the headlines a lot. The actress dominates social media as well and her fans are very excited to know every update related to her life and to see her pictures. At present, Tejashwi is playing the lead role in the most popular show ‘Naagin 6’.

Tejashwi Prakash was molested
According to Pinkvilla’s report, Tejashwi Prakash told that she was molested when she was in teenage. Narrating the incident, Tejashwi said, “After 10th standard, my best friend and I decided to start jogging and later we used to eat chicken patties. he/she used to come home earlier so one day he/she jogged to his/her home. I had gone home and I was on my way. Suddenly, there were two boys there. They saw me and came there. It was around 6 in the morning so the road was not that crowded.”

Tejaswi ran into the garden fearing the boys.
The winner of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ said, “Both those boys returned on the bike, they saw me, and they started talking to each other. I was alone on the road and they passed by me and returned on the bike again.” During this, I quickly ran to a building and the guard stopped me. But I requested him/her that I wanted to go. So I ran to the garden of the building and there were many trees so I hid among those trees. I sat there for half an hour and then came to the main road to go home.”

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Tejashwi had gone to a friend’s house to escape from the stalking boys
The actress further said, “I felt like the boys were watching me from a distance. I thought that if I go to my house, these boys will come to know about my location and my younger brother and mother are at home. So I deliberately went to my friend’s house as she lived with her brothers and her whole family. I thought that if these boys follow me to this house then my friend’s brothers will take care of them. After a week, I again And from Badlak, I was wearing the same clothes. I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. It was evening time and these boys were still roaming around on their bikes.”

Tejaswi Prakash Professional Front
Speaking about the solution, Tejashwi revealed that boys should know what struggles girls go through in their lives so that they are aware of everything. On the professional front, Tejashwi Prakash is currently playing the lead role in ‘Naagin 6’.

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