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When father wrote the philosophy of life

If the mother teaches the child to walk by holding the finger, then the father encourages him to take big steps in life. It is the faith of the father that the child swings on his shoulder and jumps from there and walks on the path of success. If the spirit is broken somewhere, then only the words of the father act as a torch in the dark. Letters written by father give a lot of inspiration in life.

Here are some such wonderful letters on Father’s Day:

dear son,

I am writing this letter to you because I have 3 reasons for this.

1 Nothing can be said in advance about life, our fate and accidents. No one knows how long he will live.

2. I am your father and if I do not say these things to you, no one will.

3. What is written is my own bitter experience. It could probably save you from many unnecessary heartaches.

Remember these things as you move forward in life:

1. Do not hold grudges for those who are not good to you. No one has the responsibility to treat you well except mother and me. Those who are good for you have to be cherished and grateful for. At the same time, one has to be cautious because there is some motive behind every single step of everyone. When someone is nice to us, it doesn’t mean that he really likes us. You have to be careful, don’t think of him as a true friend in a hurry.

2. Nothing is most urgent. There is nothing in the world that you must have. Once you understand, it will be easy to move forward in life. This is especially needed when the people around you don’t want you or you lose the one you love the most.

3. Life is too short. If you waste time today, tomorrow you will find that life is leaving us. The sooner you cherish life, the more you can enjoy it.

4. Love is momentary. This feeling fades with time and for some reason. Be patient if a loved one leaves your side. Time will end this pain. Don’t exaggerate the beauty and sweetness of love and don’t exaggerate the sadness of falling out of love.

5. Many successful people did not get a chance to study well. It doesn’t mean that you can be successful even if you don’t work hard. Our knowledge is our weapon in life. No one can take it away from us.

6. I don’t expect you to help me with money when I am old. Nor can I help you with money for the rest of my life. My responsibility ends when you grow up. After this you have to decide whether to always travel in public transport or in your big car.

7. Respect your words but don’t expect it from others. If you do not understand this, then you may have to face problems without any reason.

8. I bought lotteries many times but could never win. This shows that to be successful or to be rich one has to work hard. There is no free lunch.

9. No matter how much time I have, we cherish the time we spend together. Actually we don’t know how much time we have together. We do not know whether we will meet again in the next life or not.

– your father

(Letter from an unnamed TV producer in Hong Kong to his son)


When father told the importance of love

Dear Thom,

Received your letter I am answering this from my point of view.

First – it’s a good thing if you’re in love. This is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

Second – There are many types of love. A love can be selfish, egotistical to use it for self-importance. Whatever is good in us for what the other kind of love does. He respects us and takes care of others. The first type of love makes us small and weak and the second type gives us strength. It gives courage and goodness. Sometimes it makes us feel the strength of which we were not aware. But I don’t think you’ve asked me how you feel. You know this better. If you want me to help with this, all I can say is feel happy for love and be grateful for it. Understand its beauty. If you love someone then there is no harm in saying so. Just remember that some people are shy. Girls have a way of not knowing or feeling what you feel for them but they might still like to hear. Sometimes it happens that what you feel you do not get back for some reason. But that doesn’t make your feeling any less valuable or make you less good. I know you have found this happiness. We would be happy to meet him too.

– your father

(Nobel laureate John Steinbeck’s letter to his son. He wrote this letter after the son told that he had fallen in love with a girl.)


When father told the meaning of marriage

Dear Mike,

You must have heard those jokes in which people talk about an unhappy marriage. These jokes are made by crazy people. You have reached the most beautiful and meaningful relationship of human life. You can twist it however you want.

Some men feel that their manhood can only be proved if they keep the stories of their lives hidden. With the assurance that what the wife does not know will not hurt her. The truth is that the wife knows it even without finding lipstick marks on the collar. With knowing this, the magic of this relationship starts to fade away. Many men think that it is the wife’s fault. There is a law of physics that you can take something out only as much as it is inserted. If one does not involve himself completely in the marriage, then he will get only half. Any man can find quirks here and there that will go hand in hand with deceit. It doesn’t need that much masculinity. A man needs to remain attractive and be loved by a woman who has heard him snoring, seen him with a beard or without a beard. Take care of him when he is sick. If so, then you can listen to the melodious music of marriage.

Mike, there is no greater joy for a man at the end of the day than to approach a door he knows is waiting for his footsteps on the other side of that door.

– your father

(A letter from US President Ronald Regan he wrote to his son before his wedding.)

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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