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WhatsApp made a big change regarding the user interface on the occasion of New Year, now it will look like this

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In the new year, WhatsApp has made a big change regarding the user interface. Like last year, this year also the company is working on many new features. Now very soon users will be given the feature to report status, save disappearing messages. It is reported that WhatsApp is about to change the user interface of its Companion Mode. The feature of Companion Mode was started by WhatsApp last year. Through this, users can open WhatsApp of the same number in four different devices.

better than ever

Earlier when you used to open WhatsApp from one device to another, the user interface you used to see will not be the same. According to the website WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is going to make the user interface of its Companion Mode even better than before.

Now users will see a new interface in the new UI.

Earlier when you used to open WhatsApp from one phone to another, it was told that chats are loading, but now users will see a new interface in the new UI. Just like when you open WhatsApp in a laptop, the information about loading of chats is given through a notification bar, in the same way you will see this in mobile phones too.

screen grab of whatsapp

Image Source : Screen grab of WhatsApp

screen grab of whatsapp

This information will also be available in the new update

In the new update, you will be able to know how long it will take for WhatsApp to open on other mobile phones. At present, this feature has been released for some beta testers, which will be rolled out to everyone in the coming time. Let us tell you, on Companion Mode, users can open their WhatsApp on 4 devices at a time. In such a situation, if someone sends you a message, then this message will go to all the four devices.

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