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What is WhatsApp Delta? One small mistake and you will be banned on WhatsApp, avoid like this

WhatsApp Worldwide Google Play Store It is one of the most downloaded instant messaging applications. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp platform constantly adds new tools for users, but it lacks some of the customization and features that other messaging platforms offer such as the ability to modify/modify sent messages, access to multiple accounts, and more. ability etc.

WhatsApp Delta: A kind of mod, can be harmful
Some developers have created their own versions of WhatsApp mods, which you can use on any Android smartphone. However, WhatsApp cautions users against using such mods and states that it may ban users from using such versions. WhatsApp Delta is one such mod.

WhatsApp Delta is what?
WhatsApp Delta or GB WhatsApp Delta is a mod developed by DeltaLabs Studio. This is an updated version of another mod called GBWhatsApp. The mod offers many customizations such as primary color, accent color, application theme, custom font style, home UI, message UI, etc.

This mod also provides features like auto-reply, third party video player, call block, hide online status, hide typing notifications, do not disturb and others. Users can also send large audio files, video files and high/high resolution images using the mod. It also allows users to extend the duration of the status shared on the app.

The most popular feature provided by the mod is the ability to modify/modify the messages sent. According to PersiaDigest, users can edit messages that have already been sent using the mod.

How to Install WhatsApp Delta on Android Smartphone?
WhatsApp Delta is not available to download from the Play Store, as Google does not allow modified apps on the platform. You can download the mod’s APK from third-party websites and you should back up your chats and uninstall the original app before proceeding with the installation.

If for any reason you are unable to back up messages and files, they will automatically be permanently deleted as a result. Keep in mind that according to the official WhatsApp team, every modified version of the app is illegal and Google also does not recommend installing third party applications on the device. The WhatsApp mod can also penalize users indefinitely, blocking either the user or the phone number. In such a situation, it can also be a big risk for you.


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