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What is Refresh Rate, what does it work, how much is it important for you? know everything


Most of the users are not aware of the refresh rate found in the display of the phone.
For this reason, people ignore the refresh rate while buying the phone.
However, the refresh rate is very important for your device.

New Delhi. While buying a smartphone, we do a lot of research regarding the display of the mobile including the RAM, processor, camera and battery present in the phone. If we talk only about the display, then most of the users look at the screen size of the phone while buying the phone. More and more users are aware of the IPS LCD, AMLOED or OLED panel found in the display of the phone. This is the reason why customers ignore the screen refresh rate of the phone’s display.

Nowadays tech brands are coming up with better refresh rate and also making it the main USP of the smartphone. In such a situation, you do not already have any information about the refresh rate. Or you do not know about it, so today we are going to tell you the refresh rate available in the display and its benefits.

What would be the screen refresh rate
Screen refresh rate means how many times your phone display refreshes in a second. Actually, the screen of all devices like smartphone, laptop and TV refreshes itself every second. During this, the image on the display also refreshes and shows the next image.

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This process goes on continuously and one image after another keeps on refreshing rapidly. Due to continuous changing of frames, that image appears on the screen in the form of motion. The faster the display refreshes itself in a second, the same speed is named as the refresh rate.

Refresh rate measured in Hertz
The more the phone’s display refreshes itself in a second, the faster the image on it will be seen changing in motion. This speed is measured in Hertz. In smartphones, you see 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates. This means that the screen of that smartphone refreshes itself 60, 90 or 120 times in 1 second.

advantage of refresh rate in smartphone
Now the question arises that what is the benefit of this refresh rate in the smartphone. Let us tell you that the faster the image changes and moves on the phone, the more clear, smooth and lag-free the user will see the motion on the screen. Not only this, along with gaming, scrolling, animation, transition, etc. will also feel fast.

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