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What is ‘Operation Trishul’, due to which most wanted of India sitting abroad in panic

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CBI’s Operation Trishul is proving to be a superhit

CBI’s Operation Trishul is becoming a period for the most wanted criminals who are hiding in foreign countries after committing big and heinous crimes in India. Under Operation Trishul, CBI has extradited 33 people involved in different criminal activities from other countries, who were absconding abroad. According to Interpol, Indian agencies are looking for 276 fugitives globally.

Operation Trishul is helping a lot in bringing back fugitive criminals one after the other to India. The CBI employs a three-pronged strategy under ‘Operation Trishul’ to nab the fugitives. In this, with the help of Interpol, criminals and proceeds of crime are traced abroad and brought back.

3 important strategy of Operation Trishul-

  1. As part of the first strategy of Operation Trishul, the investigating agency tracks down a fugitive with the help of Interpol. Then demands deportation or extradition of that wanted person from the country where he/she is hiding.
  2. As a second strategy, the CBI also mobilizes the Interpol Mechanism – STAR Global Focal Point Network, Financial Crime Analysis Files and other channels to identify dissemination of proceeds of crime by financial criminals, so as to retrieve such proceeds of crime. Follow-up steps can be taken through formal channels.
  3. Operation Trishul The third strategy is to gather criminal intelligence on shell companies, fraudulent transactions, money mules and co-accused located globally and dismantle the networks supporting them. This may be informed to the law-enforcement agencies of the country concerned through INTERPOL for taking appropriate action.

Recently another wanted criminal came back
It may be noted that under ‘Operation Trishul’, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has recently been successful in extraditing back an accused wanted by the Kerala Police on charges of kidnapping and murder from Saudi Arabia. Indian investigative agencies are on the lookout for 276 fugitives globally, including some high-profile economic offenders, according to Interpol.

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