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What is ‘Blast Lumpsum’ Technique? With its help, investors become jugglers in the stock market

Photo:India TV What is ‘Blast Lumpsum’ Technique? Warren Buffett is a fan

Today we are going to learn how to invest in mutual funds in a falling market. I have named it according to myself ‘Blast Lumpsum’ technique. With the help of this unique method, you can invest your money in mutual funds or stock market at the right time and at the right level.

What is the ‘Blast Lumpsum’ Technique

We have to use Blast Lumpsum in Index Fund. The world’s biggest investor Warren Buffett considers index funds to be one of the safest funds. We are assuming here that you have chosen the index fund of Nifty 50. Nifty 50 consists of top-50 companies of the country, that’s why I like this index more.

Suppose Nifty 50 is now at 18 thousand and you started investing. Now wait for Nifty 50 to drop 200 points. Only then will you start investing according to Blast Lumpsum. In this it is not necessary that the next time also Nifty 50 is down. Nifty may go up after one of your investments. Till then we should wait for that moment. This may take months too, but keep in mind that the Blast Lumpsum is to be applied only when Nifty falls below a margin of at least 200 or more points (down by at least 1.5 to 2%) compared to the last time. Are). There is no need to keep an eye on Nifty 50 throughout the day, take a look around 3 pm to 3.15 pm. If you feel that the market has gone down a lot, and has reached near or even below the next level you have set, then you can invest at the same time.

How and how much to invest on a decline

You divide your money into 5 parts. Let’s say you have Rs 1 lakh. So you divide your money into 10-10-20-20-40 thousand and keep it aside. If you have put 10 thousand if Nifty 50 falls by 200 or more points. (ie at the level of 17800) so next time also you have to lumpsum 10 thousand, and next time even if it is several months wait and when from the range of last time (the number of points on which we invested) 200 points And if it comes down to the level of 17600, then this time the third part i.e. 20 thousand has to be applied, and in the same way, the next time when there is a fall of 200 more points in the Nifty i.e. it falls down to the level of 17400, then you will have to put the fourth part i.e. 20 thousand. Have to put

In such a situation, invest the fifth part

If Nifty 50 falls at the level of 17200, then you have to invest the fifth part i.e. 40 thousand. According to the money you have with you, you have to go ahead like this. Now keep 3 to 4 such Nifty 50 index funds ready to invest in new series. Believe me, by adopting this great method, you can make great money in the future. Because as the market is going down, the more you are investing in the market at the lower level, and once the market starts to rise you are going to profit very quickly, and your portfolio Green turns green, and you’re on a pretty good profit by then. Now it is up to you whether you book profit in the short term or leave it for the long term. My opinion is that you should leave it for the long term. You can withdraw the money invested in this way at the time of your child’s higher education or marriage. Let it be for at least 10-15 years. Then you will see the real benefits of compounding, and then you will remember me. Those people who have more money can apply this method of Blast Lumpsum in the rate of 20-20-40-40-80 thousand. Those who have less capital can also start with just Rs.

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