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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

What do girls want to say? Understand the meaning of their words like this

Any girl, whether she is your friend, girlfriend or even your wife, will have many such words or messages which you may not be able to understand properly, or you may be understanding their meaning according to your own understanding. In such a situation, girls get angry that you do not understand me or we have been talking for so many years but you still do not understand my words and messages.
If you are also facing a similar problem, then this article is especially for you. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about some text messages sent by girls and their true meaning. So, know immediately what the girls want to say to you.

‘Not ready for a relationship’

When girls say that they are not ready for a relationship, it means that they do not want to be in a relationship with you. You are not the person that the girl is looking for. So if a girl says this to you, then understand her point and keep a distance. This will be good for you and that girl as well.

‘I was busy’

I was busy

If a girl does not reply to your messages for the whole day and finally says sorry saying ‘I was busy’ then it means that she does not consider you important enough to reply to your messages in between her work. Yes, the girl may be busy and online too, but she is not interested in you. Therefore, instead of messaging anyone again and again, it is better to text them.

when he/she remembers the old days

when he/she remembers the old days

When a girl tells you that ‘I am remembering that day, we had so much fun’, it means that she wants to spend time with you and wants to meet you. So if your partner ever says this, then take out some time and plan to meet her. If you want, you can also surprise her.

‘See you next time’

see you next time

When girls say ‘may be next time’ or ‘yes, let’s see next time’, it means that they are not interested. Because they are not able to say this directly, they postpone that work, meeting or event. So if someone says this when you ask them something, consider it a clear ‘no’.

When a girl asks for help

When a girl asks for help

It is believed that among many people, we go to only those people whose opinion we value or we trust that they will tell us the right thing. Same happens with girls. If a girl asks you ‘Can you help me in this work’ then it means that she considers you a good person who can guide her properly or help her. But if a girl does this, you should not assume that she is interested in you.

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