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Monday, July 15th, 2024

What did Urfi say about Aishwarya, she gave such an answer at Cannes that people may get angry after hearing it

Urfi Javed is in the news every day due to her fashion sense. Sometimes she makes her clothes from pillows, and sometimes she makes headlines by making some strange outfits from wire or blade. Not only this, the combination of creativity and science seen in Hasina’s style these days is also looking amazing.

Like butterflies coming out of the gown or birds flying in the hair on the head. Seeing this style of her, fans have also become her admirers and in such a situation, when many social media influencers reached the Cannes Film Festival, everyone expected Urfi to be there too.

Now Urfi has given such an answer on being a part of Cannes, which some people may not like. Not only this, the beauty has given marks to the Cannes looks of Aishwarya Rai to Aditi Rao Hydari in terms of style. Here, while initially Urfi said to give 10 marks to everyone, the matter became different by the time it came to Aishwarya. (Photo courtesy: Getty/ Instagram @urf7i)

This was Aishwarya’s first Cannes look

Before Urfi’s statement, let’s take a look at Aishwarya’s look on the first day of Cannes. Which was designed by Falguni Shane Peacock. This black gown was designed with golden embellishments. At the same time, a big trail was added with white ruffle sleeves, which was full of golden 3D flowers. This look was carried with great ease by the beauty with her broken hand. In which she looked gorgeous.

Aishwarya was seen in this look on the second day

Aishwarya was seen in this look on the second day

For her second red carpet appearance, Ash chose a blue and silver shimmery gown. This body hugging gown was fish cut from the bottom and the skirt portion had blue shiny fringe detailing. Not only this, the sleeves were attached near the waist in such a way that they were attached to the back and created a wing-like look. Now, this look of Ash was quite different, but it is a different matter that some people did not like it.

Urfi said this about Aishwarya’s dress

Urfi said this about Aishwarya's dress

Recently, Urfi was asked to rate the looks of the stars who attended Cannes. In which she gave excellent ratings to all the stars, but when it was Aishwarya’s turn, she got a little confused and took a pause. She said, “This is a trick question, here the matter is a bit… hmm… but I think that since this is Aishwarya and everything looks good on her, I will give this outfit 8 marks.”

Now after hearing this answer of Urfi, people feel that she did not find this outfit so special. She has just given numbers in the name of Ash.

​​The looks of these beauties were also rated

​​The looks of these beauties were also rated

During this, Urfi gave 10 marks to Nancy Tyagi’s pink 6 layer ruffle gown, while Aditi Rao Hydari’s black and white off shoulder gown was given 9 rating. In which trail was given on both sides of the waist. At the same time, American model Bella Hadid’s see-through body hugging dress was given the highest 11 marks, while Preity Zinta’s pink saree got 10 marks. Among these, Ash’s look got the lowest rating. (Photo courtesy: Getty/ ANI/ Instagram @nancytyagi___)

Why does Urfi not want to go to Cannes?

Why does Urfi not want to go to Cannes?

Apart from this, Urfi also said that going to Cannes is never on her list. She says that Cannes is a film festival where films are watched. If a film goes there, it is a big deal. Influencers go anywhere just like that.

Now while some people agree with Urfi’s answer, some feel that her statement is a taunt for the influencer.

Urfi’s Taj Mahal look is in discussion

Urfi's Taj Mahal look is in discussion

Urfi surprises people with her dressing style every day. But this time she wore a white dress with Taj Mahal on it. The beauty designed the skirt portion of her off-shoulder dress like a pyramid and then made Taj Mahal on it with black color. Urfi completed this look with red lips, sleek bun and pearl drop earrings. (Photo courtesy: Yogen Shah)

See how Urfi stood wearing the Taj Mahal

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