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We’re just friends! Hearing this, the young man sued the girl for 24 crores, said – played with my emotions


Kawishigan and girl Nora Tan met in 2016 and became friends over time
In 2020 Kawishigan learns that Nora only sees him as a friend
Guy feels betrayed when girl cuts off all contact

Singapore, A man in Singapore has reportedly sued a girl after he found out she only saw him as a friend. According to a Strait Times report, the man, identified as K Kavishigan, has demanded $3 million or Rs 24 crore for emotional trauma. According to the report, Kawishigan and the girl, Nora Tan, met in 2016 and became friends over time. However, problems arose between the two when the boy began to feel that she was in love with him. While the girl used to see Kawishigan only with the eyes of a friend.

In the year 2020, Kawishigan learns that Nora only sees him as a friend, while he considers her his closest friend. According to the report, when the girl stopped all contact with Kawishigan, the boy felt betrayed. Significantly, Kawishigan has filed two lawsuits in the court, allegedly claiming “damage to her eminent reputation” and “trauma, depression and impact”.

Kawishigan has also sought $22,000 in damages on behalf of the girl for allegedly violating an agreement to mend their relationship, the report said. After the case related to friend zone in Singapore went to the court, people are discussing this news fiercely on social media. At present, the court has fixed the date of February 9 for the hearing of this matter.

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