Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Wearing a little dress, Babita of ‘Ashram’ started giving such poses that the fans were sweating!

Tridha Choudhary Glamorous Video: Talking about the bold beauties of the small screen, the name of Tridha Chowdhary of the web series ‘Ashram’ is definitely taken. Tridha Chowdhary is as hot as she is beautiful and she keeps giving proof of this through her photos and videos on her social media account. Recently, another video of her has surfaced, in which people are unable to live without praising her beauty. The actress has also given such poses that just anyone’s mind will be shaken.

Tridha’s video
Tridha Chowdhary remains very active on social media. Recently, he/she has done the work of intoxicating the fans with one of his/her videos. In this video, she is showing her killer style. Talking about the look of the actress, she is wearing a beige or nude colored dress, which is very short in length. Not only this, the neck of this dress of the actress is also very deep and people are seen commenting on her hotness. The actress has tied her hair and is wearing glittering earrings. She has beautifully defined her eyes with nude lip shade.

Name earned from ‘Ashram’
Tridha Chowdhary, who appeared with Bobby Deol in the webseries ‘Ashram’, ‘Ashram 2’ and ‘Ashram 3’, became an overnight star. Tridha played the role of Babita in this webseries which was quite bold. he/she also gave very bold scenes with Bobby Deol in this web series. However, it was not easy for Tridha to do these scenes. This thing was told by Tridha herself during an interview. She had told that during the intimate scenes, she was very tense and nervous too, but Bobby Deol helped her a lot.

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